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Vega Pl, Atlas Pl, Ascension Pl and Whetu Pl, Rosedale - Parking Restrictions Vega Pl, Atlas Pl, Ascension Pl and Whetu Pl, Rosedale - Parking Restrictions

Consultation status: closed 26 October 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-090

We are proposing to introduce P720 (12 hours) parking restrictions, from Monday 8am to Friday 6pm, on Vega Place, Atlas Place, Ascension Place and Whetu Place.

Download the consultation drawing for Vega Pl, Atlas Pl, Ascension Pl and Whetu Pl (PDF 480KB) 

We received a request from the North Harbour Business Association to investigate long-stay parking on these streets. The results confirmed that a significant number of vehicles park in this busy business area for more than 24 hours. This reduces the number of available parking spaces for customers and staff.

P720 (12 hours) parking restrictions will prevent long-term parking, mitigating the issue and helping businesses in the area by opening up spaces for their customers and staff.


The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback

  • Confusion over proposal
    • 8am – 6pm is only 10 hours?
    • Concern that staff will have to start paying for parking as there is currently not enough parking allocated to the business?
    The proposed restrictions will apply from Monday 8am through to Friday 6pm, which is a total of 106 hours. Parking will only be legal for a maximum 12 hours at the same parking spot. After that cars may need to moved, otherwise may be ticketed. The proposed 12 hour restriction is still free parking.
  • Reduce restriction to 9 hours to stop commuters from Constellation Park ‘n’ Ride. The aim of this consultation is to mitigate cars being parked for a number of days in this area as this is a very busy location Monday to Friday. We cannot restrict its usage to any particular road user, but we will continue to monitor these areas after the proposal is implemented. Further improvements can be considered to address any flow on effects.
  • Request for paid parking. Paid parking may be considered in the future if occupancy levels remain over 85%. We will continue to monitor these areas after the proposal is implemented.
  • Request for P840 (14 hours) to cover staff requirements. Our parking observations and the received feedback don’t suggest that there’s a need to extend the time restrictions to 14 hours. We feel the proposed time restriction would cover the staff requirements.
  • Request for restrictions to be 7 days. According to our observations the occupancy levels in weekends are significantly lower than weekdays. Therefore at this stage we don’t feel there’s a need for Monday-Sunday time restrictions.
  • Suggestion penalties should be sufficient enough to deter someone from parking over 12 hours (fine more than return shuttle bus ticket to the airport). The penalty fines increase the longer vehicles are parked over the allowed time of 12 hours.
  • Put ’12 hours’ on the sign as this is clearer than 720. Signs will clearly indicate that P720 equals 12 hours.
  • Request for additional works including maintenance work on pavements in the area. If you would like your request to be considered by us for future development works, please provide feedback here.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work in the 2017/18 financial year, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues.
Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to all affected residents prior to construction work.