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Auckland Transport

Victoria Rd and Calliope Rd, Devonport - Intersection improvements Victoria Rd and Calliope Rd, Devonport - Intersection improvements

Consultation status: closed 15 May 2017

In 2016 we sought feedback on a proposal to install a roundabout at the intersection of Victoria Road and Calliope Road in Devonport.

After taking into account feedback and further investigations, we considered that:

  • The existing topography of this intersection made it very challenging for larger vehicles, including buses, to negotiate the roundabout from Victoria Road into Calliope Road unless we significantly re-graded the whole road. The increasing complexity of construction made this option financially unviable.
  • The roundabout option would still not have accommodated on-road cycle lanes on Victoria Road in the northbound direction. Internal reviews of the roundabout also raised safety concerns for cyclists when negotiating the roundabout. As the aim of the project is to improve safety for all road users, the roundabout design option could not be progressed.

Revised proposal

We now propose to:

  • Install an on-road cycle lane on Victoria Road, including a 1.8 metre separated cycle path on the north-east corner of the intersection. 
  • Paint the footpath along the southern side of the intersection as a shared cycle and pedestrian path. 
  • Install cycle separators to clearly define the cycle lane from the traffic lane. 
  • Install raised zebra crossing platforms on Victoria Road and Calliope Road.
  • Add a kerb buildout along the south-west corner of Calliope Road and red anti-skid strip markings on Victoria Road.
  • Upgrade the existing bus stops, and make the bus stop outside 2 Calliope Road a permanent one (instead of one that only operates during school hours).

Why the changes are needed

The intersection is a busy one for both vehicles and pedestrians - especially during morning peak traffic hours. Our observations indicate that drivers are often confused by the current layout, especially those travelling south down Victoria Road towards the Calliope Road intersection. Some drivers are not slowing down at the Give Way sign or at the zebra crossing on Victoria Road. 

There is no proper pedestrian crossing point on Calliope Road, and cyclists also have difficulty moving from the off-road cycle path to the traffic lane at the intersection.  

There have been 8 crashes recorded at this intersection (including 1 cycle-related crash) between 2011-2016. 

The revised proposal aims to improve safety for all road users by providing:

  • An on-road cycle lane and a shared path to travel through the intersection safely. Cyclists will be able to choose to ride on the on-road cycle lane, or along the shared path.
  • Designated crossing points that will assist pedestrians - especially school students crossing Victoria Road during school periods. 
  • A lower speed area through raised platforms, kerb buildout and anti-skid markings. The on-road cycle lane will visually narrow the traffic lanes and help reduce vehicle speeds further.
  • Ungraded bus stops that will help bus users board and disembark buses safely. 

Making the bus stop permanent means more options for catching buses closer to the Victoria Road intersection more frequently. The change will also promote public transport use for the future connector service to the Constellation Drive bus station (running every 30 minutes, 7 days a week).

As part of the bus stop upgrade, we propose to add No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) on either side of the bus stop. This will let bus drivers enter and exit the bus stop areas safely. 

One parking space outside 84 Victoria Road will also be removed to allow the cycle lane to be installed.

Download the consultation drawing for Victoria Road and Calliope Road (PDF 960KB)