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Warkworth West - Speed Limit Reduction Warkworth West - Speed Limit Reduction

Consultation status: closed 22 February 2017

We are proposing to make the following changes: 

Setting a speed limit of 50 km/hr at the following roads or sections of roads:

  • Mason Heights.
  • Hudson Road.
  • Sanderson Road.
  • Albert Road, between the edge of the existing 50 km/hr zone and Hudson Road.
  • Falls Road, between Hudson Road and Mansel Drive.
  • Woodcocks Road, between the edge of the existing 50 km/hr zone and Mason Heights.
  • Mansel Drive, including the new extension of Mansel Drive to Falls Road.

Setting a speed limit of 60 km/hr at the following roads or sections of roads:

  • Falls Road, between Mansel Drive and Woodcocks Road.
  • Woodcocks Road, between Mason Heights and Falls Road.
  • Viv Davie-Martin Drive.
  • Francis Place.

Why the changes are required

The changes are required to:

  • Better align the speed limits to the extent of urban development that has occurred in recent years on the western side of Warkworth.
  • Provide a more consistent speed limit along the route created by the extension of Mansel Drive.
  • Provide a more appropriate speed limit on the short lengths of semi-rural roads, between the edge of the proposed 50km/hr zone and the one-lane bridges in Woodcocks Road and Falls Road.

Download the consultation drawing for Warkworth West (PDF 2MB)


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The proposal received a majority of positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of implementation.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

Feedback within the scope of the speed limit review:

  • Request to change the speed limit on all proposed roads from 60 km/hr to 50 km/hr. The proposed extent of the urban 50km/hr area is as much as we can justify at this time based on the current level of development in the area. The proposal to lower the 100km/hr rural area to a semi-rural 60km/hr speed limit takes into account the constrained geometry of the roads and the historic crash record. We note that the proposed extent of the 60km/hr zone falls largely within areas that are zoned for future urban development under the Unitary Plan. We expect to undertake future speed limit reductions in this area from 60km/hr to 50km/hr when sufficient further development occurs.
  • Suggestion to reduce the speed limit in Oliver Street. Oliver Street is already included in the urban 50 km/hr area.
  • Recommendation to ensure that the speed limit is enforced properly. The NZ Police supports the proposed speed changes and will be asked to undertake enforcement when the changes are rolled out to encourage compliance with the new limits.
  • Recommendation to lower the speed limit further into Mansel Drive. The proposed 50 km/hr speed limit is considered appropriate for the function of Mansel Drive. If speeding becomes an issue then other means of speed control will be considered, and we encourage members of the public to actively report any speeding offences to the NZ Police.

Feedback outside the scope of the speed limit review:

  • Request to install a pedestrian crossing outside Summerset Falls Village with pram/wheelchair ramps. A pedestrian refuge island will be built south of the village entrance as part of the development of the next stage of the village. The founding and installation of this facility will be the responsibility of the developer.
  • Recommendation to review the recently installed parking restrictions on Mansel Drive. There was a separate consultation carried out for this proposal last year, when feedback received from the public highlighted important safety and operational concerns which needed to be addressed. As a result, no changes to the parking restrictions will be made at this stage.
  • Request for speed humps/speed calming measures be installed on Mason Heights. There are no plans to provide additional traffic calming measures in Mason Heights at this stage. It may be considered in future as further development occurs beyond the current residential subdivision.
  • Suggestion to install a footpath along Mason Heights, Woodcocks Rd, and from Viv Davie – Martin Drive to Hill Street. We will add these requests to our Regional Footpath Programme which ranks projects based on a prioritisation process and budget availability.
  • Install traffic lights at Mansel Drive and Woodcocks Rd intersection. There are no plans to signalise this intersection at this stage. It may be considered in the future depending on growth in traffic volumes using the intersection.
  • Request for the traffic control at Woodcocks Rd and State Highway 1 to be looked at. This feedback has been shared with NZTA, the agency responsible for State Highway intersections.

Next stage

We expect to change the speed limit and install road signs by the end of April 2017, subject to legalisation of the new speed limits.