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South Auckland consultations South Auckland consultations

We want your feedback on proposals for south Auckland. Your feedback will help ensure the final designs meet the needs of users as much as possible.

We will consider all feedback received and make a decision on the potential benefits to the wider communities. We will provide an update when this decision has been reached.

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Cryers Road, East Tamaki - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: East Tamaki | Status: open until 6 August 2019.

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Ararimu Road, Ramarama – Pedestrian safety improvements

Suburb: Ramarama | Status: open until 25 July 2019.

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Rymer Place, Mangere – Broken yellow Lines

Suburb: Mangere | Status: open until 12 July 2019.

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Alcove Place, Totara Heights - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Totara Heights | Status: updated 8 May 2019.

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Bader Drive & Idlewild Avenue, Mangere – New roundabout

Suburb: Mangere | Status: closed 12 March 2019.

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Hobill Avenue, Wiri - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Wiri | Status: closed 27 February 2019.

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Fairey Place, Mangere - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Mangere | Status: closed 27 February 2019.

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Stancombe Road, Flat Bush - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Flat Bush | Status: closed 25 February 2019.

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Stewart Gibson Place, Manurewa – Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Manurewa | Status: closed 7 March 2019.

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Clark Road, Papakura - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Papakura | Status: closed 31 January 2019.

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Manuroa Road, Takanini - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Takanini | Status: closed 31 January 2019.

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Clevedon Road, Papakura - Broken yellow lines

Suburb: Papakura | Status: closed 29 January 2019.

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