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Awhitu Rd, Awhitu Peninsula - Intersection safety improvements Awhitu Rd, Awhitu Peninsula - Intersection safety improvements

Consultation status: closed 22 November 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-113

We are proposing to improve the roadside environment at this intersection, by installing storm water pipes and filling the ditches along the southern side of Awhitu Road, as well as reconstructing a small section of the northern side to provide a flatter bank.

Download the consultation drawing for Awhitu Road (PDF 135KB)

As part of the Road Safety Team improvement project, it has been identified that safety improvements could be made at this intersection along Awhitu Road, as currently there are open ditches which are a considerable roadside hazard.


The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback

  • Tahurangatira Road intersection could use the same works. We have checked the crash history at the intersection of Tahurangatira Rd/Awhitu Rd and there has been 1 reported crash at the intersection in the last 10 years which doesn’t suggest the intersection is a black spot. Unfortunately due to limited funding, we are not able to carryout the same treatment as the intersection as suggested at this stage.
  • Streetlights would be useful at this intersection as visibility is limited. This is out of scope. If you would like your request to be considered by us for future development works, please provide feedback here.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work in the 2018/19 financial year, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues.
Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to all affected residents prior to construction work.