Baverstock Rd, Flat Bush - Footpath installation Baverstock Rd, Flat Bush - Footpath installation

Consultation status: closed 22 March 2018

Proposal reference: FP1617-022

We are proposing to install a new footpath on Baverstock Road in Flat Bush. This proposal includes an upgraded pram crossing and tactile pavers at the intersection of Baverstock Road and Chapel Road. The 1.8 metre wide footpath will be on the South side of Baverstock Road between Chapel Road and Baverstock Oaks School.

View the consultation drawing for Baverstock Road (PDF 582KB) 

Why the changes are needed

  • The project is part of a region wide programme to improve safety, connectivity and accessibility for pedestrians.
  • The project has a high priority because it links directly to a school and fills an important gap in the local footpath network.
  • The project will provide significant safety benefits around the school and local neighbourhood.
  • This footpath will eventually connect with a new footpath along the eastern side of Chapel Road in the south to allow connections to Stancombe Road and the Fo Guang Shan Temple.