Update 9 as at 21 June 2018  8.16pm

North Auckland

  • Tomorata Valley Road open.
  • Waiteitei Road in Wellsford open.
  • Old Kaipara Road open.
  • Old Woodcocks Road open.
  • Kaipara Flats Road open.
  • Wayby Station Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Wellsford Valley Road in Wellsford is open to one lane.
  • Whangaripo Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Wayby Valley Road is CLOSED in Wellsford, due to flooding.
  • Falls Road is CLOSED in Warkworth, due to flooding.

Please take extra care and drive to the conditions.

West Auckland

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Central Auckland

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East Auckland

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South Auckland

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Auckland Transport

Brookby Rd, Clevedon - Road shape correction Brookby Rd, Clevedon - Road shape correction

Consultation status: closed 25 August 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-064

We are going to carry out the following road safety improvement measures on a 1.16-kilometre-long stretch of Brookby Road, between Fitzpatrick Road and West Road:

  • Improve the geometric shape of the road.
  • Increase the width of the shoulder lane on both sides of the road for the entire length of the project.
  • Install no passing restrictions (double yellow lines) for the entire length of the project.
  • Install signage, road markings and a delineation upgrade.

Download the consultation drawing for Brookby Road (PDF 595KB)

The proposed project came as a result of the number of both reported and unreported loss of control crashes along this stretch of road. It has been identified as one of the high risk sites for geometric shape improvement.


The proposal received positive feedback with some comments raised on speed limits, footpaths, road surfacing and a right turn bay, which are detailed below. After reviewing the feedback and all other supporting material, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of construction.

Specific feedback

  • Requests for reduction in the speed limit; to 80km/h across Brookby Road, and to 40km/h outside Brookby School. We make assessments under the New Zealand Transport Agency’s (NZTA) new Speed Management Guide. The Speed Limits Rule is a central government regulation, which governs how speed limits are set and seeks to achieve a consistent approach across the country. we are developing a speed management programme that will roll out changes based on this new rule and prioritise the corridors that would provide greater safety gain. Brookby Road is likely to be included in the programme in 2018, subject to the consultation outcome of key stakeholders. To request of 40km/hr speed limit outside Brookby School on West Road, please visit the website to provide feedback.
  • A safe place to walk is required on Brookby Road as it is part of the Te Araroa walkway. We support walking as part of making Auckland a desirable place to live. After an initial review using our Regional New Footpaths Programme as a guideline it is unlikely we will fund a footpath on Brookby Road as it does not meet our footpath objectives (providing links to schools, public transport, employment, town centres and other key destinations – we don’t currently consider the Te Araroa Trail national route in the scoring). Your Local Board also has discretionary funds for local walking and cycling projects, which you are able to approach directly with your suggested improvements. We installed a number of ‘Pedestrian Crossing’ signs along Brookby Road last year for the walkway.
  • Improve the surface of the road as it’s below standards and can’t handle the high volume of heavy vehicles that use the road. A job has been raised under case number CAS-579580-H0M3N4 for the appropriate team to investigate the standard of this road. Please contact us and quote the case number should you wish to follow up on the status.
  • The right turn from Brookby Road into Fitzpatrick Road needs to be addressed, either by widening the left shoulder or installing a right turning bay. The proposal only involves minor improvements to the 1.16km long stretch of Brookby Road, widening this section of the road to incorporate a right turn bay at the intersection is considered outside the scope of this project. If you would like us to investigate a right turn bay / shoulder widening at this intersection, please visit the website to provide feedback.
  • Request for additional works including; drainage works, moving the roundabout away from the school and re-routing some of the quarry trucks that use Brookby Road. These requests are out of scope of this project. If you would like your request to be considered by us for future development works, please visit the website to provide feedback.

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work in the 2017/18 financial year, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues.

Contractors will issue 48-hour notice to all affected residents prior to construction work.