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Halsey Rd, Manurewa - speed humps Halsey Rd, Manurewa - speed humps

Consultation status: closed 30 May 2017

We are seeking feedback on a proposal to improve traffic speed and pedestrian safety on Halsey Road in Manurewa.

We propose to install a series of speed humps along the length of Halsey Road.

Download the consultation drawing for Halsey Road (PDF 1.33MB)

These proposed changes address the concerns raised around vehicle speed and traffic volumes on Halsey Road, especially during the afternoon peak period. 

Some drivers use Halsey Road as an alternative route to bypass the traffic queues at the Station Road and Hill Road intersection, which increases traffic on the residential Halsey Road. The proposed speed humps will help keep lower vehicle speeds and traffic volume, increasing safety for pedestrians and other drivers.


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • A suggestion from the police that other streets (such as Scenic Drive) are in higher need than Halsey Road, therefore these should be focused on first. Scenic Drive has been assessed and is on our Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) prioritisation list, however when compared against similar streets it’s not considered as high a priority site. We agree that there are issues with the use of the roads linking Weymouth and Mahia Road and are investigating treatment options, however the scope of these works is significant as all alternative routes will require consistent treatment so as to not exacerbate the situations on non-treated routes. We have undertaken signage and road marking changes previously to provide some minor improvements to operating speeds in the interim.

  • The speed hump outside No.50 Halsey Road should be moved away from the driveways to ensure that vehicles are travelling straight when passing over them. The locations of all speed humps will be reviewed during detail design to ensure suitable off-sets from driveways are provided while still providing the required spacing of devices to effectively calm traffic.

  • Suggestion that speed humps are a nuisance to drivers, alternative solutions should be investigated. Alternative treatments were considered, however speed humps are consistent with the existing treatment on Maich Road and provide an effective and cost effective solution.

  • Suggestion that speed humps are not necessary as there has not been an increase in traffic volume or vehicle speeds. The proposed speed humps are intended to reduce the attractiveness of Halsey Road as a shortcut for through traffic and to reduce the operating speed environment. The assessment criteria considers the current environment and while comparison of the data to the historical operation provides some interesting historical insight, it does not form part of this criteria.

  • Request to install speed humps on Sturdee Road as well, because there are high vehicle speeds. Sturdee Road was not considered for speed calming under Auckland Transport’s assessment of Halsey Road. We will undertake an assessment of the street to determine if implementation of speed calming is a priority, and include it on our LATM prioritisation list.

  • Suggestion that speed humps are a nuisance; active warning signs should be installed instead. Active warning signs are effective in reducing speeds over a short period of time but these improvements disappear as regular users become accustomed to them. They also do not reduce the attractiveness of the route as a shortcut. Therefore speed humps are considered the most practical and effective long term solution.

  • Statement that this proposal will not tackle the speeding issue enough between Halsey Road and Sturdee Road. A roundabout would be good at this location with more speed humps. Suggestion that the current number of speed humps is not enough. A roundabout has been considered in the past under the Maich Road improvements and is still a considered option, however the volume and speed changes on all approaches to this intersection will impact on the feasibility of any significant intersection improvements and requires further consideration. The spacing and therefore number of speed humps proposed meets Auckland Transport best practice requirements. Providing reduced spacing between humps will offer little benefit to operating speeds, significantly increasing travel times for residents and the cost of the project.

  • There used to be a mirror placed on the corner helping residents exiting from No.46, 46A and 46B, suggestion for this to be replaced. Auckland Transport does not install or maintain mirrors for private property access. The proposed speed humps will improve the environment for residents looking to exit property through reduced operating speeds, likely removing the necessity for the mirror to be replaced.

  • Request to ensure the road hump does not block storm water flow. The speed humps proposed do not encroach into the existing storm water channel and will not impact on the existing drainage.

  • Request for additional works including a layby to be installed outside the day care centre on Halsey Road. This falls outside the project scope. If you would like your request to be considered for future development works, please contact us to provide feedback.

Next stage

We expect to introduce this work starting in July 2017 and throughout 2017/2018, subject to any further changes in design or funding issues. Contractors will inform all residents in the area prior to starting construction work.