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Auckland Transport

O’Shannessey St & Great South Rd, Papakura - Pedestrian crossing improvements

Consultation status: closed 30 January 2017

We are proposing to make the following changes:

  • A new signalised pedestrian crossing with pram crossings and tactile pavers across Great South Road on the northern end of the intersection with O'Shannessey Street. Currently there is only one crossing across Great South Road at the southern end of this intersection.
  • The removal of the left-turning slip lane from Great South Road into O'Shannessey Street, as well as the removal of the pedestrian refuge island. The signalised pedestrian crossing across O'Shannessey Street is to be straightened.
  • A kerb build-out and footpath repavement.
  • Alterations to road markings and traffic poles and the addition of advance cycle boxes.

Why changes are required

We have identified an opportunity to increase pedestrian connectivity and safety at the intersection of Great South Road and O'Shannessey Street. This intersection has only one signalised pedestrian crossing across Great South Road, despite the fact that a high number of businesses and organisations operate nearby.

The pedestrian refuge island on O'Shannessey Street can also be unsafe. There is a limited amount of space for pedestrians to stand while on the island and vehicles often turn left into O'Shannessey Street in the slip lane at speed. It is worth noting that this left-turn slip lane is often blocked when two vehicles are queued at the traffic lights waiting to go straight along Great South Road.

Download the consultation plans for O’Shannessey St & Great South Rd (PDF 717KB)