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Glengarry Rd, Shetland St, Rosier Rd - pedestrian improvements Glengarry Rd, Shetland St, Rosier Rd - pedestrian improvements

Consultation status: closed 29 September 2017

In February of this year, we sought feedback on a proposal to upgrade the pedestrian crossings on Glengarry Rd, Shetland St and Rosier Rd in Glen Eden. After an independent Road Safety Audit, we made minor changes to this proposal that include the removal of parking. 

What are the proposed changes?

We propose to:

  • Install two pedestrian splitter islands with cross-throughs, pram crossings and tactile pavers.
  • Add a kerb buildout at the intersection of Shetland Street and Glengarry Road.
  • Add new road markings, including two right-turning bays with flush medians.
  • Install no stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) around the intersection.
  • Conduct minor footpath repaving. 
  • Updated: No stopping at all times restrictions extended opposite 8 Shetland St.
  • Updated: No stopping at all times restrictions extended outside 136 Rosier Rd.

Why the changes are needed

The bus stop outside 91 Glengarry Road will also be upgraded to Auckland Transport Code of Practice standards with new yellow road markings and broken yellow lines from the intersection with Rosier Road. 

These proposed measures will slow vehicle speeds in the area. Reducing the width of some lanes will reduce driving speed, and the two new pedestrian crossings will make walking safer and easier. 

The broken yellow lines will also address vehicle access and visibility concerns near the intersection.

Updated: These changes are needed to ensure that parked cars do not prevent pedestrians from seeing oncoming traffic as they enter the crossings. All other aspects of our proposal, including the design of the pedestrian crossings remain the same.

Download the consultation drawing for Glengarry Road, Shetland Street, Rosier Road intersection (PDF 2MB) 


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed without any further changes to the next stage of detailed planning.

Specific feedback and proposed solution

  • Request for pedestrian crossing points across Glengarry Road near the bus stops. The main objective of this project was to tighten the intersection and slow down turning vehicles. We also incorporated a pedestrian refuge island on Rosier Road and pram crossings on Shetland Street. We did investigate the possibility of installing a pedestrian refuge island outside the shops at 98-102 Glengarry Road. Due to the existing bus stops, driveways and elevated footpath, we were unable to find a suitable and safe location to install a refuge island there. However, we will extend the search area and further investigate as part of a different project to install a pedestrian crossing facility across Glengarry Road.
  • Concern that the Shetland Street pram crossing and the kerb buildout are unnecessary or ineffective. The new pram crossings on Shetland Street will provide a safer crossing point for pedestrians, wheelchair users, and parents with prams to cross Shetland Street. The kerb buildout and subsequent tightening of the intersection will encourage drivers to slow down when turning. We have completed vehicle tracking plans for different vehicle types, which demonstrate that the lanes are wide enough for vehicles to turn safely.
  • Request to limit the No stopping at all times restrictions on the western side of Shetland Street. The new proposed road layout would narrow Shetland Street. As a result, the parking restrictions are required to allow vehicles to flow without obstruction into and out of the intersection. Parking there would result in vehicles encroaching on the wrong side of the road near the intersection as they drive around parked vehicles. There is more on-street parking further down Shetland Street available to be utilised.
  • Request for speed humps/speed calming measures on Glengarry Road. Glengarry Road is a collector road with the purpose of leading traffic between local roads and major arterial routes. Ordinarily we try to avoid installing speed humps on collector roads as they receive more traffic than residential roads. Speed humps or similar speed calming measures would affect the capacity and service level of the route and result in ongoing maintenance costs due to the high stress that they would endure. However, we will conduct a tube count to investigate vehicle speeds on Glengarry Road. If the count suggests a high average speed, we will look into the feasibility of installing speed calming measures along this route. If you should notice common trends of speeding vehicles, such as the time of day or an individual vehicle, we suggest that you also contact the police who may carry out targeted enforcement.
  • Concern that residents will be unable to turn right out of the complex behind the shops due to the new right-turning bay into Rosier Road. Also a request to remove the P10 parking spaces in front of the shops. It is not illegal to drive over the right-turning bay road markings when turning out of this driveway. The P10 parking spaces are well-utilised by customers visiting the shops and we believe that there is adequate visibility of oncoming traffic.
  • Request for No stopping at all times restrictions be added in front of the shop at 108 Glengarry Road and additional requests for time restricted parking. Concerns have also been received about the proximity of parking to the flush median. On-street parking at this location is well utilized by customers visiting the shops. This parking will remain and the request for time-restricted parking has been forwarded to the appropriate parking team. The flush median is required to connect the existing centre line and the proposed right turning bay onto Shetland Street. The traffic volume that will use this right-turning bay is fairly low and the road width is adequate for vehicles to safely drive over the flush median if necessary. 
  • Request for additional works. If you would like your request to be considered by AT for future development works, please provide feedback on our website.
  • Requests to limit proposed parking restrictions (No stopping at all times) to the mailbox near the driveway of 136 Rosier Rd and the catch-pit drain opposite 64 Shetland St. The length and location of the proposed parking restrictions were calculated according to pedestrian sight distance requirements, which are a standard part of engineering design. An independent Safety Audit of our original plan recommended extending these restrictions. While we appreciate that there is demand for on-street parking, there is also adequate space for vehicles to park further along these roads and no further changes will be made to the final design.
  • A request to extend parking restrictions (No stopping at all times) along Rosier Rd to prevent parking near the intersection with Glengarry Rd. Our proposal attempts to minimise the loss of on-street parking while ensuring pedestrian visibility and safety. Further extensions to parking restrictions will not be incorporated in the final design.
  • Requests for additional crossing facilities on Glengarry Rd and speed bumps on the approaches to the intersection that will slow fast-moving traffic and aid pedestrian safety. We will consider these requests as part of an ongoing investigation of traffic and pedestrian movements on Glengarry Rd. This road is classified as a Collector Road with the purpose of leading traffic between Local Roads and major Arterial routes. Because Glengarry Rd is expected to receive larger volumes of traffic compared to residential streets, we are wary that installing speed bumps would affect the level of service on this route and result in ongoing maintenance costs. We generally avoid installing speed bumps in these locations, but will consider other speed calming measures as part of our investigations. 

Next steps

We expect to introduce this work within the current financial year (ending June 2018) subject to further changes in design or funding constraints. Contractors will notify all affected residents prior to construction work.