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Auckland Transport

Great North Rd, Edmonton Rd, Edsel St Intersection, Henderson - Intersection Improvements

Consultation status: closed 1 February 2017

We are proposing to:

  • Remove the slip lane from Edmonton Rd turning left on to Great North Rd.
  • Upgrade all stop boxes.
  • Green cycle boxes.
  • Relocate broken yellow lines (BYLs) due to the loss of the slip road.
  • Install road signs on Great North Rd.
  • Relocate street lighting at pedestrian crossing.
  • Install belisha beacons at pedestrian crossing.

Why changes are required

This is part of the town centre improvement program, pedestrian services need to be improved and this proposal would facilitate this.

Download the consultation plans for Great North Rd, Edmonton Rd, Edsel St Intersection (PDF 527KB)