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Auckland Transport

Metcalfe Rd intersections, Ranui Metcalfe Rd intersections, Ranui

Consultation status: updated 13 July 2018, closed 12 December 2016
Reference number: BYL-045

Proposal update 

We are installing No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) on Metcalfe Road, Ranui Avenue, Babich Road and Illana Place, Ranui. This project will also include the removal of bus stop markings outside 177-179 Metcalfe Road.

These changes will improve visibility for road users at the intersections of Metcalfe Rd with Babich Rd, Ranui Ave, and Ilana Pl. We will also reinstate on-street parking spaces on the disused bus stop on Metcalfe Rd.

Download the updated proposal drawing, July 2018 (PDF 664KB)

Original proposal

We asked for feedback on new No stopping at all times restrictions (broken yellow lines) at the intersection of Metcalfe Road, Ranui Avenue and Babich Road in Ranui, as well as the intersection of Metcalfe Road and Illana Place. Concerns were raised regarding the lack of site visibility caused by cars parking too close to these two intersections. Parked cars were also causing accessibility issues for moving vehicles.

Feedback results 

The proposal received positive feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing the feedback and other supporting evidence, the proposal will proceed to the next stage of detailed planning with some changes from the original design.

Download the original design plans:

Specific feedback

  • Request to extend the broken yellow lines to outside 175 Metcalfe Road. We agree that there is a benefit in extending the broken yellow lines closer to the driveway of 175 Metcalfe Road as it improves access and manoeuvrability for vehicles as well as visibility for drivers exiting Illana Plance. 
  • Concern about the loss of parking for resident, a request to restrict parking to one side of Metcalfe Road only and a request to restrict parking further down Illana Plance on the northern side of the road. We acknowledge that on-street parking is a valuable and shared by the community. Parking removal is only carried out where there is a significant safety or accessibility issue in the area. 
  • Request for a 'Residents Only' parking scheme. Residential parking schemes exist in older suburbs where properties were built without any off-street parking. Metcalfe Road does not meet the current criteria for a parking scheme for residents only. 
  • Request to widen the road or put in channelling instead. We do not have any current plans to widen or install channels on Metcalfe Road. Road widening is an expensive option that can not be justified for the purpose of maximising on-street parking. 
  • Request to relocate the 'Stop' road markings on Babich Road. The road markings on Ranui Avenue and Babich Road both conform to our Code of Practice. The distance between a 'Stop' road marking and an intersection should not be more than ten meters. 
  • Concern about the bus stop outside 177 Metcalfe Road, which takes up parking space without currently operating. Our Metro team are currently reviewing bus stops across west Auckland as part of a plan for a more efficient public transport network. While this bus stop is not currently active, this may change in the near future and removing the stop is not recommended at this stage.
  • Request for additional work including parking restrictions further down Ranui Avenue.  These requests are out-of-scope for this proposal. If you would like your request to be considered for further development, please provide feedback or report the problem using our online forms.