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Pleasant Rd, Whau - Intersection Improvements Pleasant Rd, Whau - Intersection Improvements

Consultation status: closed 3 November 2017

Proposal reference: RTV-081

We are proposing:

  • to install a raised speed table on Pleasant Road to slow down left turning vehicles.
  • to move the stop control limit line forward on Pleasant Road, providing a better view of oncoming traffic.
  • to improve road markings to clearly define straight through, and left turning traffic on West Coast Road.
  • to move the pedestrian crossing point further away from the intersection to provide better visibility for pedestrians and turning traffic.
  • to install tactile pavers and pram crossings.

Download the consultation drawing for Pleasant Rd (PDF 2MB) 

Drivers find it difficult to differentiate between traffic heading west on West Coast Road, and traffic turning left onto Pleasant Road. This confusion has led to a number of crashes. The current pedestrian crossing has limited visibility due to the retaining wall on Pleasant Road.


The proposal received mixed feedback with some concerns raised by respondents. After reviewing this feedback and all other supporting evidence, the proposal will not proceed to the next stage of detailed planning. Instead, we will develop a new design that incorporates feedback received from stakeholders during the consultation process, including pedestrian crossing facilities on West Coast Road in the vicinity of the intersection.

Specific feedback

  • Concern that the proposal will not alleviate issues and that traffic lights may be necessary. Signalisation of the intersection will be considered as an option during redesign of the proposal.
  • Suggestion to include right of way markings for vehicles approach from the east on West Coast Road attempting to turn right into properties located at the junction. This suggestion will be taken into consideration during redesign of the proposal.
  • Recommendation to widen the footpath along West Coast Road. We will notify the maintenance team to trim overhanging vegetation that is limiting the footpath width for pedestrians.
  • Suggestion that a deterrent be put in place to prevent vehicles headed eastbound along West Coast Road from driving over the flush median. Due to the number of driveways along West Coast Road we are not able to install a physical deterrent to prevent vehicles from driving over/encroaching on to the flush median.
  • Suggestion that signage be installed along West Coast Road warning drivers to slow down and stay within their lanes, as there is a blind spot along the bend in the road. Methods of slowing vehicles along West Coast Road at the bend will be considered during redesign of the proposal.
  • Recommendation that we incorporate improved pedestrian and bicycle crossing facilities across West Coast Road. Providing a crossing point along West Coast Road will be examined in the new design.
  • Concern that the project could lead to increased traffic speed. We would not expect the proposed design to result in increased speeds along either West Coast Road or Pleasant Road. However, this will be taken into consideration during the redesign phase.

Next steps

At present, we cannot provide a timeline for delivery or construction of a new design, but will notify of further updates when available.