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Auckland Transport

Swanson Road, Henderson - 40 km/h speed zone

Consultation status: closed 21 March 2017

We are proposing the following changes on Swanson Road:

  • Implementing a 40 km/h speed limit on Swanson Road in the area near Waitakere College. This change will apply to the section of road between the two electronic speed signs shown in the consultation plan and will be limited to the following times on school days: 7.55am – 8.30am, 3pm – 3.20pm and for 10 minutes when at least 50 children are crossing the road, entering or leaving vehicles at the roadside.
  • Installing speed limit signs at the locations shown in the consultation plan.

Why the changes are required

Investigations indicate that there is a high number of pedestrians using the existing refuge island crossing on Swanson Road behind Waitakere College. Pedestrians find it difficult to cross Swanson Road due to the high volume and high speeds of approaching vehicles.

Implementing a 40 km/h speed zone on both approaches to the crossing point will make the environment safer by reducing vehicle speeds and raising driver awareness of the presence of pedestrians.

Download the consultation drawing for Swanson Road (PDF 1MB)