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Local elections 2019 Local elections 2019

Ngā Pōti

Local body elections are held every three years.

The next elections are in 2019.

Notices of upcoming elections are published on the Public notices page.

The next local body elections will take place in October 2019. See key election dates.

How you can vote

Local elections are conducted by postal vote.

Candidate correspondence 

In the lead up to this year’s Local Body Elections AT expects to receive a number of queries or requests from candidates for information. In the interests of transparency and to demonstrate political neutrality AT will ask, wherever practical, for those requests to be made in writing. The requests and AT’s responses will then be published here. 

6 June 2019

John Tamihere - Letter from Acting AT Chief Executive Rodger Murphy (PDF 80KB)

17 April 2019

Matt McCarten - Email correspondence with AT Executive General Manager Stakeholder, Communities & Communication Wally Thomas (PDF 72KB)

AT Election year policy (PDF 180KB)

21 March 2019

John Tamihere - Letter from AT CEO Shane Ellison (PDF 831KB, 14 pages)