10 year funding for Auckland’s transport welcomed

Auckland Transport welcomes the updated 10 year funding commitment for Auckland’s transport system between the Government and the region (known as the Auckland Transport Alignment Project) released today.

ATAP represents a $31billion (up from $28b) package of Crown and Council investment and operational support for the integrated transport system for Auckland. It will deliver across a range of outcome areas including climate change, safety, and a shift from private vehicles to other modes of transport.

It is a well-balanced package which keeps the momentum going on major strategic programmes of work which will benefit all Aucklanders, says AT’s chair Adrienne Young-Cooper.

It also ensures that key infrastructure, such as the harbour bridge, is well maintained into the future. Mass transit such as the Eastern Busway which is currently under construction, the extension of the Northern Busway, and light rail on the isthmus will transform the city and how we get around it, says Mrs Young-Cooper.

Just as importantly it invests heavily in cycling and walking projects. “The ATAP combined Crown and Council investment in terms of dollars is huge and unprecedented,” Mrs Young-Cooper says. “But it is the impacts on the lives of Aucklanders, and visitors, that will be even bigger. ATAP includes a pipeline of construction activity which will create many thousands of jobs and be a major boost to the region’s economic recovery in the wake of Covid-19.

“It gives funding certainty to delivery agencies such as Waka Kotahi, Auckland Transport and KiwiRail, which will ensure multi-year investments rather than a piecemeal, project-by-project, approach.

“Population growth brings many opportunities, but we need to do things differently and be more flexible to address the changing shape of Auckland and what our communities need. The refreshed ATAP continues transforming our region’s transport system to support more climate friendly forms of transport and lower greenhouse emissions but we know we still have a long way to go,” Mrs Young-Cooper says.

AT is very supportive of any investments and initiatives which promote more equitable access to the transport system. We are delighted the Government and Council have decided to trial a large-scale pilot for cheaper public transport for lower income Aucklanders (the new Community Connect Card).

ATAP also does that through a focus on supporting the development of new housing areas with early investment in transport planning and infrastructure.

“The Government and Auckland Council, working with partner agencies AT, Waka Kotahi, and the Ministry of Transport, have mapped  out a clear direction and funding commitment for the development and operation of an integrated transport system for Auckland through this agreement.”

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