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Auckland Transport

AT and Veolia crack down on train fare theft

Media release: 29 April 2013​

Auckland Transport (AT) and its operator Veolia Transport are cracking down even further on fare evaders to make it fair on the majority of honest customers. Part of the programme will involve a rolling “blitz” at suburban train stations. The initiative has been trialled in recent weeks before being introduced across the network from today.

At one station 113 people were caught trying to evade paying in the first check; in a subsequent check the number had dropped to 17.

Auckland Transport’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Edmonds says, “Those who steal travel on our trains make it unfair for those who pay their way which means potential increases in rates and taxes to compensate. You must pay to travel on Auckland’s trains. Not to do so is theft.

“Auckland Transport and Veolia have been trialling a rolling blitz on fare evaders at selected suburban train stations and from today we will introduce the programme across the whole train network. The focus of this exercise is to ensure that everyone who gets on a train service has a valid ticket or a tagged on AT HOP card”.

Mr Edmonds adds, “From time to time we do experience vandalism and technical issues with our Ticket and Top-Up machines just as any banking system machine does. If customers are unable to purchase a ticket for any reason, that can be discussed with Veolia’s ticket inspectors.

“The measures we are introducing coupled with on-board checks has proved highly effective in the UK and Australia. We are losing revenue through people stealing our services. Every dollar lost to fare cheats is a dollar less to renew public transport infrastructure.

A recent report from the Ministry of Transport in Victoria says fare evasion cost the state approximately $90 million last year.

AT HOP cards can be purchased from ticket inspection staff on trains and at ticket offices at Britomart, Newmarket, New Lynn and Papakura train stations. Train tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at all stations.