Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport launches new 'Drive Drink-Free' campaign

Auckland Transport has launched a new ‘Drive Drink-Free’ campaign that aims to encourage young Aucklanders not to drink and drive. 

The campaign features a social experiment where Aucklanders are being offered alcoholic drinks in the morning, on their way to various places like the work and the gym. Passers-by are shown refusing the drink, saying they would never drink before training, sport, or business meetings. 

“Nah, bro. Never, never,” one Aucklander says.

The purpose of this campaign is to communicate the message that if you wouldn’t drink before talking to clients or playing in a rugby game, you wouldn’t drink before driving on a night out. 

“You wouldn’t here, so why before you drive?” the video asks. 

Auckland Transport’s Cycling, Walking and Safety manager, Kathryn King, says Auckland Transport is always looking for innovative ways to get people to stop and think before getting behind the wheel. 

“This campaign features real Aucklanders and shows that even one drink before driving is one too many. The only safe way to drive is alcohol-free. 

“We know that people’s judgement is impaired with even low levels of alcohol. That’s why we are saying if you are having an alcoholic drink and need to get home, take public transport, a taxi or organise a lift.” 

Recent statistics show that for drivers aged 20 to 29 with an alcohol level of 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, they’re about 17 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than a driver with a no alcohol in their blood. The rate for drivers 15 to 19 is even worse at 30 times the level.

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