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Auckland Transport

Aucklanders are breaking records on the trains

Another record for the Auckland rail network - annual rail patronage has exceeded 14 million for the first time.
Auckland Transport’s General Manager AT Metro, Mark Lambert, says this is the highest ever 12-month total. “In March, we reached 13 million passengers and here we are just five months later adding another million trips.”
Mr Lambert says this record comes just days after the introduction of the full fleet of electric trains on 20 July. “We are now running the new trains from Papakura to Swanson on the electrified network and the response from our customers has been extremely positive; they are enjoying the quality of the trains and the extra services.”
Auckland Transport with its operator Transdev now provide six trains per hour on the Eastern and Southern Lines and four trains per hour on the Western Line during peak weekday periods.
“As more trains arrive from Spain, we hope to increase the size of some peak services to six cars to cope with the increasing demand.” The last of Auckland’s 57 trains arrive in the city next week and will go into service once certified.
Rail patronage in Auckland grew 21.7% in the year to the end of June. That’s two and a half million more passengers than in June last year. Mr Lambert says, “It’s hard to believe but when Britomart Transport Centre opened in 2003, annual patronage was less than three million.”
The number using all public transport in Auckland reached 79 million in the year to June, an increase of 9.5% or on average 19,000 extra boardings per day.