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Auckland Transport

Dynamic lane control trial underway for afternoon peak traffic

The 12-month trial of dynamic lane controls will commence 4.00pm Wednesday, 24 January on Whangaparaoa Road. 

The dynamic lanes will only operate during the afternoon peak (4 - 6pm) until 17 April 2018. Auckland Transport will then look at extending the trial to the morning peak (6.30 - 9am) from 18 April 2018.

The dynamic lane concept, similar to tidal flow lanes, uses the existing road network more efficiently for the movement of people and vehicles. It makes use of traffic control devices and an adaptive LED light system to create an extra lane for vehicles travelling in the peak direction.

Randhir Karma, Group Manager Network Management and Safety at Auckland Transport, says “We believe road users will see an obvious improvement and benefit to travel time and the PM peak is where this will be most apparent.”

Mr Karma adds that the system will be closely monitored and adaptations, such as changing the duration of the system’s operation, will be implemented if needed.

“Auckland Transport will closely monitor Whangaparaoa Road during the trial and changes to the system will be made to make it as efficient and beneficial to road users as possible.”

Auckland has a number of arterial roads that experience heavy congestion on a daily basis during specific peak hours. If the trial proves successful, dynamic lanes will offer an efficient alternative to traditional road widening projects which typically come with a high cost and major disruption to local communities.

Councillor John Watson says “The Dynamic Lanes trial is a cost-effective option that will alleviate peak-hour congestion in this part of the peninsula”. Fellow Councillor Wayne Walker adds “This a positive step forward in that it was able to be implemented quickly. I encourage all road users to make the most of the trial, and I’m looking forward to seeing its results”.

Julia Parfitt, chair of the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board, says “We expect AT to ensure that the safety of the system is monitored and managed for the benefit of pedestrians and local residents as well as road users.”

If the trial is successful Auckland Transport will continue to operate dynamic lanes on Whangaparaoa Road and investigate its introduction in other parts of Auckland.

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