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Auckland Transport

Graffiti attacks on trains are dangerous

Auckland Transport is warning that someone will be seriously injured or killed if foolish young people continue to graffiti trains. The warning comes after an incident yesterday. CCTV footage shows a group of youths wearing balaclavas spraying paint on a train as it slowed and stopped before entering the Parnell tunnel.

Auckland Transport, Manager Rail Services, Craig Inger says being anywhere near train tracks, at any time, is stupid and dangerous. It’s also costly, with ratepayers and taxpayers forking out tens of thousands of dollars a year to cover up the damage.

Improved security at railway stabling yards has seen the problem move onto suburban rail lines in recent years, he says. Mr Inger adds that the region’s new fleet of electric trains are also faster and quieter than the old diesel units and this poses an even greater risk.

In an unrelated incident yesterday, a young man was struck while trespassing on tracks near Orakei station. CCTV footage shows him running away after the incident. Services were delayed, and thousands of customers inconvenienced, until Police and the rail operator, Transdev, investigated as it was initially thought to be a fatality.