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Half Moon Bay bus interchange opens

Changing between a ferry and bus at Half Moon Bay is now simpler, easier and protected from the weather.

Auckland Transport (AT) in partnership with the Howick Local Board and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) has opened the new Half Moon Bay bus interchange today (Friday 28 September 2018) following a dawn Karakia.

Buses will start using the interchange on Sunday 30 September 2018.

Ribbon cutting at the Half Moon Bay bus interchange opening
Image: The opening of the Half Moon Bay bus interchange.

AT's Group Manager for Major Projects, David Nelson says that the bus interchange and pier provide safer, more convenient connections between ferry services and bus services. "It plays a pivotal role in supporting bus services that form part of new bus network for east Auckland and is within a short walking distance of the ferry pier."

"In addition to the improved amenity and convenience of having bus services close to the new pier, the new bus facility will provide for much safer pedestrian connectivity between services, eliminating the need for pedestrians to cross vehicle routes or filter through traffic. The transport hub at Half Moon Bay is part of AT’s plan to provide a well-connected and easy to use public transport network for all Aucklanders."

Howick Local Board chair David Collings says the bus interchange is the final piece of the puzzle of its vision to create a transport interchange at Half Moon Bay.

"With the new ferry pier that opened last year, the new bus network and now the interchange, commuters can enjoy a much more pleasant and connected public transport experience by be able to get off a ferry or bus and transferring to another service within a few metres."

AT has continued partnership with Mana Whenua, which has been an important component in the completion of both the ferry pier and the bus interchange. AT stays committed to maintaining and enhancing our partnership with mana whenua to ensure better overall outcomes for all Aucklanders. Through the development of the Half Moon Bay ferry pier and bus interchange, mana whenua have provided Te Aranga design principles to enhance storm water management and embed cultural history.

Supported Mana Whenua artist Tessa Harris of the ancient iwi Mana Whenua of Tāmaki Makaurau Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki has designed cultural expressions of relevance to this area. "The designs created speak to the history of  'Te Wai o Taiki' – the Tāmaki River or known to Ngāi Tai as Te Wai o Taikehu and the once abundant kai moana (sea food) manu (birds) and the many waka which traversed these waterways."

The overall project budget, for both the pier and the interchange was $9m, with funding contributions from Auckland Council, NZTA and the Howick Local Board.


  • Ferry and bus services located in one area, providing easy transfers between bus and ferry.
  • Upgraded ferry-bus hub connecting residents of the southeast to Auckland CBD.
  • Other features include pick up/drop off parks, a covered walkway between the bus stops, the ferry terminal, and a cycle parking facility.

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