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Have your say on designs for new bus stations

Mangere Bus Station Artists Impression CropCommunity feedback is being sought on the designs to improve the bus station at Māngere Town Centre and to implement new on-street stops at Ōtāhuhu Town Centre, which will improve the reliability of bus services between Māngere, Ōtāhuhu and Sylvia Park.

The improvements in Māngere (pictured) and Ōtāhuhu are part of the local transport improvements identified by the East-West Connection.

These projects also support the new south Auckland bus network, arriving in October, which has a frequent 15 minute bus route between Māngere Town Centre, Ōtāhuhu and Sylvia Park.

It includes:

  • Upgrading the Māngere Town Centre Bus Station – construction start August 2016, completion by October 2016
  • New on-street bus stops on Avenue Road in the Ōtāhuhu Town Centre – construction start August 2016, completion by October 2016.

Auckland Transport Road Development Manager, Richard Firth says redeveloping the bus stops at Māngere and Ōtāhuhu will make waiting for a bus a more pleasant and easier experience for passengers.

“The new station in Māngere will be extended to accommodate seven parked buses (two more than currently), new shelters to extend the covered passenger area and a covered connection to Māngere Town Centre. It will also include a toilet adjacent to the bus shelter, new cycle racks, an additional westbound lane for traffic and paving and landscaping of the area around the bus station.

In Ōtāhuhu the existing bus station on Avenue Road will close. It will be replaced by new bus stops and bus shelters installed on both sides of Avenue Road, retaining a familiar bus stop location for existing passengers.

In October, many south Auckland buses will travel between the town centre and the new bus station at Ōtāhuhu train station.

The two stations have been major advocacy projects for the Māngere-Otahuhu Local Board says Māngere –Ōtāhuhu Local Board Chair, Lemauga Lydia Sosene.

“Both projects are significant milestones for the community and it is great to see them getting underway.”

“These high quality projects will help deliver safer, more practical and connected local bus services and complement other works underway in both centres to improve and rejuvenate the local communities.”

Auckland Transport is planning public information days to encourage people to find out more about the project and new southern bus network, ask questions and provide feedback on the designs of the bus stations at Māngere and Ōtāhuhu:


11am to 2 pm, Thursday, 14 July 2016 and Saturday, 16 July 2016 – Toia, (Community Centre), Mason Ave, Ōtāhuhu


11 am to 2 pm, Tuesday, 19 July 2016 and Friday, 22 July 2016 – Māngere Town Centre
Feedback from the East-West Connections consultation in mid-2015 showed that overall improvements to public transport were supported.