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Auckland Transport

HOP Highlight in Public Transport Report

Around 75,000 users have signed up to Auckland Transport’s new smartcard, HOP, in the initial phase of the card’s launch.

Launched in May, the HOP card is the first step towards a fully integrated, multi-operator smartcard for bus, train and ferry journeys in Auckland.

Phase one of the launch, which involved NZ Bus services, moved Go Rider card users onto HOP.

The next move for HOP focuses on encouraging all those cash carrying NZ bus users to drop the cash, gain a minimum 10% fare discount and move to HOP.

The HOP card is one of the highlights included in Auckland Transport’s patronage report, released today. The report shows a continued upward trend in public transport use with an additional 5,062,687 journeys or an 8.4% increase on the twelve months from May 2010.

Other highlights include:

  • Auckland public transport patronage totalled 65,371.759
  • May’s monthly patronage was 6,333,297, an increase of 590,333 boardings or 10.3%  on May 2010
  • Rail patronage for May increased by 174,638 boardings or 21.5% on May 2010
  • The Northern Express bus service carried 2,033,662 passenger trips for the 12 month period, growth of 15.4%.

Auckland Transport’s Chief Executive David Warburton says the HOP brand is gaining very good traction with Auckland’s travelling public. 

“Integrated ticketing is an important part of establishing a more efficient, effective and user-friendly public transport system.

“Patronage figures across the board continue to track upwards. Passengers on the Northern Express bus service are getting around faster, easier and in more comfort since extra buses were put on and night services were extended to meet demand, all contributing to the outstanding increases in patronage. 

“Rugby fans travelling to Eden Park for the Super Rugby series provided us with an opportunity to trial special event transport plans. These trials are also designed to raise awareness that during the upcoming Bledisloe Cup and Rugby World Cup 2011 people need to think about how their travel may be affected and make other plans if necessary.

“Closing on a high note for May, Newmarket’s rail station, Auckland’s second busiest station, won an award in Urban Design category from the New Zealand Institute of Architects. Reopened in January 2010, it was judged one of the country’s best new buildings,” says Dr Warburton.

The award went to Opus and Herriot + Melhuish:Architecture.