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Auckland Transport

Longer Trains Introduced By Auckland Transport

Media Release - 14 July 2011

Longer trains will begin operating on the southern and eastern rail lines next week to help cater for the increasing popularity of Auckland’s public transport.

From 18 July some trains will use five and six carriages on the southern and eastern lines, following the completion of platform extension works at a number of stations. Western Line stations have been able to cater for six carriage trains since last year.

An additional five carriages are being added to the train fleet. The next upgrade to the train fleet will be with the delivery of electric trains in 2013.

Auckland Transport and train operator Veolia Transdev will match the longer trains to the busiest services.  This means that some Western Line services using six carriages will operate with four instead, as carriages are reallocated to where demand needs it most. The carriages will be used on the busiest southern and eastern line services.

Auckland Transport Public Transport Operations Manager Mark Lambert welcomes the arrival of the additional carriages and the completion of platform extension works on the southern and eastern lines. 

“Longer trains will be able to stop at many more stations across the network now that platform extension works are completed.

“Carriages are being re-allocated according to passenger demand, meaning the most popular services will have longer trains.

“Rail patronage figures continue to rise, so the ability to operate longer trains on all lines gives us more flexibility. Matching the length of trains to passenger demand is part of maximising our current fleet and managing the transition to electric trains during the next few years.”

Veolia Transdev General Manager Service Delivery, Steve Wade says “five new carriages are being added to the train fleet, increasing seating availability during the morning and evening peaks on some of our busier services. 

“Six ‘five carriage’ trains and three ‘six carriage’ trains will be introduced over a week from 18 July on the eastern, southern and western lines which will mean more seats and more comfort for our customers on those higher demand services. “

About Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport is a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) of Auckland Council. It is responsible for all of the region’s transport services (excluding state highways) - from roads and footpaths, to cycling, parking and public transport.

Among its main tasks are:

  • To design, build and maintain Auckland’s roads, ferry wharves, cycleways and walkways
  • Co-ordinate road safety and community transport initiatives such as school travel
  • Plan and fund bus, train and ferry services across Auckland