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Major Project for Panmure - contract awarded

Media release: 21 December 2011

Auckland Transport has awarded a contract for one of Auckland’s biggest transport construction jobs, a $180 million project to start dealing with traffic congestion in the eastern suburbs.  

A $100 million contract for construction of phase one of the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) Panmure project has been awarded to Fletcher Construction.

Photo:   Fletcher Construction New Business Manager David Fehl and Construction Manager John Palm with Auckland Transport Major Projects Manager Rick Walden at the site of phase one of the AMETI Panmure project

Starting in January and continuing until 2014, it will be Auckland Transport’s largest construction project and include:

  • A new bridge built on Ellerslie Panmure Highway for a future busway and the existing bridge replaced. The process for managing traffic while the bridges are built will follow the successful model followed at Newmarket Viaduct, with traffic moved to new bridges as they are built. The bridges will be higher and longer to allow for electrification, a new road and a possible future third rail line.

  • A 1.5km new road linking Morrin Rd to Mt Wellington Highway and a 220m tunnel for the new road built next to the rail line at Panmure Station. This will be created by building a box with a new road on top for buses and taxis to stop at the station.

  • A major upgrade of Panmure Station to create an interchange that allows easy transfers between trains and buses improvements for pedestrians and cyclists and space for future town centre development.

The 1.5km new road is necessary to reduce traffic flows through the Panmure roundabout and provide a better route for freight/business traffic. This will also provide benefits for the Panmure community. When complete in 2014 the new road will take some pressure off the roundabout to allow work on phase two of AMETI Panmure - construction of a new signalised intersection where the roundabout currently is and a urban busway to Pakuranga.

Work is already underway on replacing the Mountain Rd Bridge near Panmure Station and realigning part of the road. The old bridge over the rail line will be demolished on Boxing Day for construction to begin on the new bridge.

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board Chair Leila Boyle says after many years of planning, the Panmure and Mt Wellington communities are pleased that construction is now beginning.

“These first physical works on the AMETI Panmure project are long overdue.  After many years of discussion, consultation and planning, I am excited that building is starting on these vital local transport solutions in Panmure.

“The Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board is looking forward to working with Fletcher Construction to ensure the impacts on our communities are minimised as much as possible.”

Auckland Transport Major Projects Manager Rick Walden says the announcement means eastern suburbs residents and businesses will see progress on sorting out the major congestion issues.

“This is a significant step forward in the long term plan to sort out the transport issues in the area. People can expect to see major construction work focused in the Panmure Station area during the next two years.

“For example, over the rail lines on Ellerslie Panmure Highway there will be a complex job to build new bridges. A new bridge will be built next to the station for the future busway then traffic moved on to it so the old bridge can be demolished.”

David Jewell, General Manager of Fletcher Construction, Infrastructure says the company is delighted to have won the contract.

“Fletcher has been involved in delivering substantial upgrades to Auckland’s transport infrastructure continuously over the last decade. This project will be another important step in getting the city moving more efficiently.”

The NZ Transport Agency is a major funder of AMETI and offers congratulations to both Auckland Transport and to Fletcher Construction on the awarding of this contract.

NZTA Regional Director for Auckland and Northland, Stephen Town, says the work to be done within the contract will make a major contribution to the easing of traffic congestion and the improvement of public transport services in the area, and is very much in line with the NZTA’s major goal of contributing to transport efficiency and economic growth.

“The benefits of this hugely important project will be felt not just locally for those in Auckland’s rapidly growing eastern suburbs, but throughout the region and New Zealand as a whole” - he says.

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