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Auckland Transport

Matiatia summer traffic trial feedback being considered

Auckland Transport (AT) and the Waiheke Local Board are now reviewing the Matiatia summer traffic trial and considering feedback received from the community.

AT recently sought public feedback on the trial layout which was created in collaboration with the Waiheke Local Board and the Waiheke Transport Forum. The trial layout was designed to improve safety and relieve congestion at Matiatia over the peak holiday season.

Just over 80 per cent of the 324 submitters indicated they were dissatisfied with the trial layout - with the majority citing the reason being a lack of available parking spaces.

The Waiheke Local Board met last night to discuss the trial and consider the public feedback received.

Consideration will be given to the board’s request to allow taxis and small passenger vehicles back into the keyhole while further discussions take place with AT on a more durable interim solution, prior to the implementation of the Matiatia Transport Plan.

Chair of the Waiheke Local Board, Cath Handley, says: “We’re very grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experience with the trial layout. There is limited space available at Matiatia and a number of competing interests, so finding a solution that suits everyone is a challenge. The board is working with Auckland Transport to find that solution. It’s important to the board that we take account of the feedback received and find a solution that’s in the best interests of the community,” Handley says.

John Strawbridge, AT's group manager for parking services, says public feedback will be considered alongside other factors including safety imperatives.

“A safety audit of the previous layout found significant safety risks, particularly with taxi passengers crossing the road between buses and then navigating around moving vehicles. AT has a responsibility to protect people’s safety. So, that will be one of the considerations we have to make in addition to public feedback.”

“We will now work with the local board to discuss their requests, review the public feedback and assess the trial,” says John Strawbridge.

The trial began on 8 December 2019 and is due to run until 31 May 2020.

Read the public feedback report available on AT’s website