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Auckland Transport

Media Release: Bus and Train Upgrades

Auckland Mayoral Release

15 April 2011  

The Mayor has announced a variety of upgrades of bus and train services across Auckland.

Len Brown has been working with Auckland Transport on the issue in the wake of figures showing public transport patronage at its highest level in 60 years.

The Mayor says when demand for public transport is increasing at the rate it is at the moment, providing enough trains and buses is obviously an issue.

“I’m pleased with the speed at which Auckland Transport and the operators have responded to the issue, and I encourage people to continue to let us know when they see potential issues.”

Transport Committee chair Mike Lee says, "Aucklanders are using public transport in record numbers. It's no longer correct to say people will only take their car to work.

"We need to cater for more people using buses and trains and that is why we need projects like the inner-city rail loop to increase services to the west and south, unclog our roads and deliver economic growth."

The latest figures show that between 1996 and February 2011, bus patronage has increased by 61.2 per cent, ferry by 89.2 per cent, train by 341.5 per cent, with an overall public transport patronage increase of 79.6 per cent.

The upgrades involve bus services to the Hibiscus Coast, the North Shore, the isthmus and Botany.

It also involves train services on the Eastern and Southern Lines.

  • On Hibiscus Coast bus routes including 893, 895 and 897 buses are reaching capacity at peak. Larger vehicles have been moved to areas of greatest need.  Phase One of the Silverdale Park and Ride will be complete by the middle of the year. Increased frequency is also being considered.
  • On route 881 from Long Bay to Newmarket, two additional services will be added to cope with peak hour capacity issues.
  • On East Coast Bays and Sunnynook Express routes 863x and 874x and on Sandringham Road, complaints about peak hour capacity issues are being investigated in association with NZ Bus.
  •  On the Northern Express route peak capacity issues will be dealt with by increasing frequency and sourcing extra buses.
  • On Onewa Road and on the route to Botany, extra capacity has been provided on a temporary basis while a permanent solution is investigated.
  • On Mt Eden Road and Dominion Road, extras buses are being brought on to those routes to deal with capacity issues in the morning and afternoon peaks.
  • On the Southern and Eastern train lines, four additional carriages are being brought on and five car trains will operate from the end of next month.