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Auckland Transport

More road safety improvements for Dairy Flat

Auckland Transport (AT) continues to roll out safety improvements in Dairy Flat with work starting on the long-awaited construction of a new roundabout at the Dairy Flat Highway and Coatesville Riverhead Highway intersection.

A 1,000-strong petition to AT to lower the speed limit started engagement with the community last year and identified crucial changes needed to improve driving conditions and safety along Dairy Flat Highway.

The community welcomes the safety work, local resident Scott Wilson believes the new roundabout will have a positive impact in terms of safety, not only for the community, but for all road users.

“It will force motorists to slow down and prevent people making rash decisions that can cause crashes. For me, it also gives a sense of relief, especially when travelling with my children in the car. I look forward to a safer road”.

The roundabout is just one improvement being made along with right turn bays, centre median safety barriers, side barriers and intersection upgrades. Speed restrictions were put in along sections of the highway earlier this year.

AT’s Portfolio Delivery Director (Projects), David Nelson says, “This stretch of road has seen too many deaths and serious injuries over the past five years, so we’re pleased to be able to roll out even more improvements for the Dairy Flat community”.

Construction of the roundabout is scheduled to be complete by the middle of next year. Traffic management will be in place during the entire construction period, and where delays are anticipated this will be communicated to the public with regular project updates.

Safety improvements in Dairy Flat have been made possible due to partial funding from the Regional Fuel Tax (RFT), $225m has been allocated to improving road safety in both urban and rural areas.

Other work being carried out as part of the project include:

  • improved road markings at the intersections of Wilks Road and Pine Valley Roads, as well as new signage to provide drivers with more time to slow down before the intersection
  • an intersection upgrade at Kahikatea Flat Road
  • a new right turn bay into Bawden Road, along with intersection improvements. Changing passing lanes to a slow vehicle bay from Durey Road to Potter Road to encourage slower speeds. Also, new centre median safety barriers and new right turn bay into Potter Road.

Find out more information about the road safety improvements for Dairy Flat.