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Auckland Transport

New Hobson St crossing to make road safer

Auckland Transport is working to transform the city into a safe place for people to walk around.

The latest proposal is aimed at improving Hobson Street where someone was recently killed, and a number of people have been seriously injured, crossing the road.

AT is proposing a new signalised crossing between Wellesley and Cook Streets (136 Hobson Street), to make crossing the five lane road safe.

Manager for Walking, Cycling and Safety Kathryn King says people need safe places to cross the road and a lack of crossing points leads to deaths and serious injuries.

“Auckland Transport is committed to creating a road system that keeps people safe. We are dedicated to zero deaths and serious injuries and we are coming up with plans to meet that vision.

“We know that this is a common place for people to cross the road so we want to ensure that we are meeting their needs. This is a busy road with around 35,000 vehicles per day but we want to help create a city centre that is easy for people to move around on foot.

“We expect a high level of community support for this proposal. Around 2,300 people cross the road between the Wellesley and Cook Street intersections each day so this crossing will be well used and will protect people travelling on foot through this area.

“This proposal shows our focus on moving people around the city, not just vehicles.”

Auckland Transport will be consulting local residents and businesses about the crossing, with a plan to install it in the 2018/2019 financial year.

People can give their feedback until 14 June 2018