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1930s Devonport bus shelter plans reconsidered 1930s Devonport bus shelter plans reconsidered

  • A historic bus shelter might find a new home
  • AT listens to several issues raised by consultation on the 805 bus route

A mid-1930s timber bus shelter on Wesley Street in Devonport that was scheduled to be removed will be part of Auckland Transport’s reconsidering several aspects of the 805 bus route infrastructure upgrade.

In an original plan, the bus shelter was slated for removal because it was too close to the road and posed an issue for AT buses, according to Dave Hilson, Senior Service Network Planner for AT.

"The shelter is so close to the curb there is a potential for a bus to hit the shelter,” he said. Initially this meant the shelter shouldn’t stay, but after a public consultation AT decided to consider other options.

“When we go into consultation it is genuine. We’ve listened and we’ll have another look,” he said.

The bus shelter was just one of the concerns that came up in the consultation. AT will now:

  • Take another look at any potential parking loss and mitigating this where possible 
  • Re-examine the options related to this proposal for the 805 bus route
  • Review where bus stops might be placed
  • Reconsider the heritage bus shelter and the opportunity to relocate it

The mid-1930s timber bus shelter on Wesley Street in Devonport.

The AT project team is looking to re-open public consultation and pending approval will do this in April.

According to Devonport Heritage, in the mid-1930s Devonport Borough Council built a number of timber bus shelters with clay-tiled roofs costing £40 each, to which the bus company contributed £5. 

The issue arose because while many of 1930s bus shelters have some form of historic protection, but the wooden bus shelter at 2A Wesley Street is not located in the Devonport Special Character zone.

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