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Future proofing Te Onewa Northcote Point Wharf Future proofing Te Onewa Northcote Point Wharf

  • Te Onewa Northcote Point Wharf has closed temporarily to carry out berthing improvements that will allow its future use by low-emission vessels.

Te Onewa Northcote Point Wharf has been closed from the 14 February while structural improvements have been in response to feedback from customers and ferry operators.

The improvements at the wharf include:

  • Installing three additional berthing piles. This increases operational flexibility, allowing more vessels to be able to berth in both directions. Currently, vessels can only berth in one direction which slows the process if the vessel is coming from the other direction.
  • Upgrading the existing fender system. Fenders are used to absorb impact from vessels whilst berthing at the wharf, resulting in a smoother customer experience for passengers and allowing more options for operational flexibility.
  • Installing pile-mounted bollards to remove the fixed lines which improves ongoing safety and service reliability at the wharf.

While the wharf is closed, ferry passengers are using one of the existing scheduled bus services. The Birkenhead ferry service has continued to operate to its current timetable.

Previously expected to reopen in March, the works have been delayed due to COVID-19 related holdups. Te Onewa Northcote Point Wharf is now expected to reopen in early to mid-May. An actual date for resumption of services will be announced closer to the time.

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