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Safer streets for three Kaipatiki schools Safer streets for three Kaipatiki schools

  • Willow Park, Birkdale and Glenfield primary schools are involved in a trial to see whether changes to the road can address speed and unsafe parking behaviours around schools.
  • The trial allows temporary measures to be tested on site and alterations made, before a decision is made about permanent changes.

Three schools – Willow Park, Birkdale Primary and Glenfield Primary – in the Kaipātiki Local Board area are participating in a Safe School Streets pilot programme designed to test safer, more inviting “school zones”.

The programme aims to increase walking, cycling, and scooting, to and from school by encouraging safer vehicle speeds and reducing unsafe parking behaviours.

Schools and communities often tell Auckland Transport (AT) that they witness unsafe speeds, poor parking behaviours and experience congestion at pick-up and drop-off times. Parents also say that speed and traffic are factors in their decision whether to allow their children to walk, scoot or cycle to school.

The trials at Birkdale and Glenfield Primary are funded through Waka Kotahi/NZTA’s Innovating Streets programme and the Willow Park trial is funded through the Accident Compensation Corporation.

They include temporary measures such as flexible bollards and road markings that help to visually narrow the road and encourage slower speeds. They also signal to all road users that this area is school zone.

By using temporary measures, rather than going straight to permanent solutions, designs have been able to be tested and changed on site.

Changes to the initial designs have been made using a combination of community feedback and data collected. This data and feedback will also be considered when a decision is made on whether to progress the trial to permanent design.

As schools were closed or open to limited numbers of students in the latter part of 2021, the timeline for a decision on whether to make the measures permanent was adjusted. This allowed more time to collect community feedback and data from each of the schools at the start of the 2022 school year.

To learn more visit, Safe School Streets on the Auckland Council website. 


Image (left): On Salisbury Road at Birkdale School the paint colours and design were selected in conjunction with the school. They create a more inviting and vibrant environment, along with visually narrowing the road to encourage slower speeds and promoting park and walks

Image (right): A diffetent colour scheme at Glenfield Primary on Chivalry Road. The colours also get parents and caregivers to park slightly further away from the school gate, to allow for safer walking, cycling and scooting.

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