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Huapai and Kumeu intersections to be upgraded Huapai and Kumeu intersections to be upgraded

  • Two intersections connecting State Highway 16 with Huapai and Kumeū will be upgraded to handle more traffic.
  • This is happening because the area continues to see population growth with the addition of 1,200 homes including a retirement village as part of the Huapai Special Housing Area (SHA).

Two critical intersections on roads connected to the Huapai Special Housing Area (SHA) will be upgraded to handle increased traffic generated by the development.

The improvements at Access and Station roads will improve safety and better handle the increase in traffic between State Highway 16 (SH16) and Station and Access roads.

The increase comes from the population density of the Huapai SHA. Special Housing Areas are designated to provide more housing to meet the considerable demand particularly in the main centres.

The intersection at SH16 and Access Road will see improvements that include a new left turn lane on the approach to Access Road, extension of the double lanes and safer walking and cycling facilities.

Enabling works are well underway at Access Road and will be completed by the end of March. Construction on SH16 is planned to begin in April once a contract has been awarded.

Detailed design work is currently being completed for the Station Road intersection with construction also set to start once a contract has been awarded. This is project will run concurrently with the upgrade at Access Road.

A new signalised intersection from Station Road onto SH16 is proposed to improve safety, while the cycling facilities will provide better connections.

Station Road will be shifted to the west and will include new walking and cycling facilities.

Improvements planned to SH16 and Access Road intersection.

For more information, visit our Huapai Triangle special housing area page. 

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