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Auckland Transport

Northwestern Path upgrade consultation launches

Auckland Transport (AT) is proposing to upgrade a section of the Northwestern Path near Kingsland to provide safer and more pleasant journeys for all path users.

Artists impression of the shared path upgrade
Artists impression of the shared path upgrade

The proposal would see the shared path be separated to a cycle path and footpath for the 850m stretch between Central Road and Haslett Street. The upgrade will enable the different users to have their own dedicated spaces which will better cater for current and future users.

This proposal is because the current path is narrow and unsuitable for the number of people using it each day says Randhir Karma, Group Manager for Network Management.
“It’s great to see so many people choosing to bike as new cycle paths are built across Auckland.”

“With nearly 1,000 bike trips per day through the Kingsland section, the upgrade is a testament to the path’s popularity and a success story of people wanting to walk and cycle where the infrastructure is available” says Karma.

Barb Cuthbert, chair of Bike Auckland says “At the beginning of 2018, we stood with Newton Central School in calling for a solution to a bottleneck on the Northwestern path. We’re delighted to see Auckland Transport answer the call by officially adding a proper footpath to what’s becoming the city’s busiest bike route”.

“In particular, we applaud the design's separation of wheels and feet, reflecting the volume and variety of people of all ages who use this path every day. This will be a boon for all, especially at peak times when school children and parents share this space with bike commuters on their way into the city. We look forward to swift completion of this important safety project."

Consultation is open until Thursday 31 October.

Find out more information and to have your say.