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Auckland Transport

On-track testing for Auckland's new trains

On-track testing has started for Auckland’s new trains.

The first train arrived in August and this morning went out on the lines between the Wiri train depot and Puhinui station for initial testing.

Auckland Transport chairman, Dr Lester Levy, says testing was a great success. “These trains meet all our demands. They are a giant leap forward for passengers, they are comfortable, clean, efficient and quiet. Aucklanders will enjoy travelling on them.”

Testing and driver training will be done over the next few months with the first trains due to go into service on the Onehunga line in April.

Auckland Transport has 57 three-car trains on order and all are due to be in service by late 2015.

The trains have been designed specifically for the needs of Aucklanders and meet the latest in comfort, safety and technology.

Each train has room for 375 passengers, open gangways between cars allow movement from one end of the train to the other.

Security and safety features include an on-board CCTV camera system which operates continuously in all cars, providing images to the driver from any of the 16 cameras. Images will be continuously recorded on-board. Emergency call points, which can be found throughout the train, allowing passengers to communicate directly with the train crew in the event of an incident.

A reminder, overhead lines for the trains are now live across Auckland. The lines carry 25,000 volts which is 100 times more powerful than the supply used in homes.