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Paid parking zone proposed for Albany town centre

Albany Paid Parking Zone -- MapAuckland Transport (AT) is looking at a paid parking zone for the Albany town centre meaning more parking for short-term visits.

The proposal includes a charge of $1.00 an hour, from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, with no time limit on how long you can park. A 10-minute grace period would be allowed for pick-ups and drop offs. Existing loading zones and mobility parking won’t be affected.

The proposal applies to all on-street parking in the town centre area, bounded by Oteha Valley Road, Albany Expressway and the Auckland-Waiwera Motorway. It excludes privately owned parking (such as staff and Westfield mall parking, Albany Park and Ride, and Hooton Reserve parking).

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With the amount of development planned for Albany over the next few years, parking in this area needs urgent management, says AT Parking Services manager, John Strawbridge.

“This proposal not only manages the current parking, which is almost at capacity, it puts in a system for the future needs of the area.

“The plan improves parking availability and encourages alternatives like carpooling. It will help solve current issues with illegal and poor parking in the area.”

Mr Strawbridge says Auckland Transport has a new app for iPhone and Android, AT Park, which means you can pay for parking without coins.

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The public consultation period will close on Sunday 28 May, and the analysis of the feedback and decisions made will be available by August 2017. If the decision is made to proceed with the proposal, it will be implemented by the first quarter of 2019.