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Auckland Transport

Pets get the final okay on Auckland trains

The trial of pets on Auckland's trains has become permanent.

Councillor Cathy Casey with her dog Suzie
Image: Councillor Cathy Casey with her dog Suzie on the train station platform.

Auckland Transport has carried out two trials and has surveyed train customers.

Stacey van der Putten, Group Manager of Metro Services says the majority of people who completed the survey, support having pets on trains, with only 12 per cent opposed.

"Our customers have really enjoyed being able to take their fur companions on the trains. Pet owners have been very supportive of the protocols that have been put in place to allow this initiative to happen."

Councillor Cathy Casey has been the main advocate for pets on trains and she is delighted that the trial has become permanent.

"This is another fantastic step towards making Auckland a more dog friendly city. We are finally catching up with the great cities of Europe where pets are welcomed on all forms of public transport."

Pets can go on trains on weekdays 9am to 3pm and after 6:30pm. They can travel all-day on weekends and on public holidays.

All dogs must either be wearing an approved muzzle and lead or can be travelling in an approved pet carrier.

Find out full details and conditions of taking pets on public transport.