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Auckland Transport

Pontoon floated to new Half Moon Bay ferry pier

Half Moon Bay pontoonConstruction work on the Half Moon Bay ferry pier reached a milestone with Auckland Transport floating in the new pontoon.

The pontoon was built at Westhaven and floated to Half Moon Bay. It closely matches the design of the existing Hobsonville Point wharf.

Project manager Greg McNeil says it took about four hours to move the pontoon from Westhaven to Half Moon Bay.

“The unit doesn’t move at high speeds. The weather didn’t play out too great, it was a bit choppy and windy but they’ve had a great run and got it in on time.

“The new pier will make a huge difference, we’re increasing the numbers of ferries and the number of buses and this brings it all together and it will provide that extra level of service to get people from Half Moon Bay into the city.”

The $5.9 million project is being delivered by Auckland Transport in partnership with the Howick Local Board and the Government through the NZ Transport Agency. The new ferry pier is expected to open in early 2017.


  • Ferry and bus services will be located in one area, providing easy transfers.
  • Upgraded ferry-bus hub will better connect residents of the south-east to Auckland’s CBD.
  • Passenger ferry services will be separated from other marina users, improving passenger flows.
  • New ferry pontoon will provide enhanced levels of comfort, ambience and weather protection.
  • The upgraded pier will be functional, safe and accessible.


  • Wharf / walkway length: 96m
  • Wharf / walkway width: 5m
  • Pontoon length: 21m
  • Pontoon width: 9.5m
  • Pontoon height: 3m
  • Gangway length: 24.5m.

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