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Auckland Transport

Proposed changes to the OuterLink

Auckland Transport is proposing changes to the OuterLink bus service to make the route more reliable.

The proposed changes include removing the section of the OuterLink route between St Lukes and Newmarket where there is duplication with other bus services. This will help provide better reliability of the remaining section of the route.

Pete Moth, Service Network Developer Manager says that AT is aware that the current service isn’t working as well as it could be. “We’ve heard from our customers that it’s not reliable and with buses catching up to each other along the route means sometimes people wait a long time for a bus and then two turn up at once. These proposed changes would also see the removal of the wait at Victoria Park.”

Most people will see no change to the way they travel, but some customers may need to transfer between buses to complete the journeys they are currently doing.

The section of the OuterLink that will be removed would see the existing route 650 renamed as route 65, and its frequency boosted to every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week. Evening services will also be added. More services will also be added to Manukau Road services 30/309 at peak times.

A new school bus service will be introduced between Epsom schools and Balmoral and Mt Eden. It will travel on Mt Eden Road, Valley Road, Dominion Road and Balmoral Road on its way to and from Epsom schools.

No bus stops will lose bus services and all existing journeys can continue to be made. Even if the changes mean passengers need to transfer between two buses, their journey may be quicker taking the more direct routes.

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Download the map for the proposed changes (PDF 301KB)