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Auckland Transport

Road safety for Pacifica pre-schoolers

Auckland Transport has just launched a Pacifica road safety book for pre-schoolers in seven different languages as part of its proactive approach to road safety education.

'Matiaki learns about Road Safety' follows pre-schooler Matiaki as he encounters various hazards around the road and learns how to avoid them.

It is the first time a road safety book for pre-schoolers has been produced in so many different languages and is available in Maori, English, Cook Island, Samoan, Tongan, Niuean and Tokelaua languages.

The book is particularly targeted at children aged four to five as they get ready to leave the pre-school environment and start school, and provides a tool for teachers to work with both children and parents.

The aim of the publication is to reduce the risk of road traffic injury to Pacifica children who, according to a recent draft report commissioned by AT, have a 31% higher risk of being involved in a road traffic injury than the ‘Other Ethnicity’ group.

The age group split is not specific to 0-5 years but covers 0-14 years. It is, however, representative of the risk of injury that includes this age group.

Statistics also shows that Maori residents in Auckland have a significantly higher risk of road traffic injury than the ‘Other Ethnicity’ group at all ages. For example, Maori children have a 65% higher road traffic injury risk than children in the ‘Other Ethnicity’ group.

The report is due to be finalised and published later this year.

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