The Rail and Maritime Trade Union (RMTU) has given notice of its intent to commence industrial action from Monday 26 February to Friday 16 March.

Auckland Transport and Transdev have developed a temporary timetable to minimise disruption and provide consistent rail services on these lines during this period.

Customers can expect Southern, Western and Eastern line weekday peak train services at 20-minute intervals, with inter-peak and off-peak services running as normal. Many trains on these services will run with six cars, which can hold 900 passengers, to help reduce impact.

Onehunga and Pukekohe weekday train services and weekend train services across all lines will remain on their usual timetable.

Ferry and bus services will operate as normal.

Read the media release: Temporary timetable on trains due to industrial action.

Auckland Transport

Safer speeds for Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct Harbour

A permanent safer speed limit of 30km/h has begun in Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct Harbour.

Much of the area has already been under a temporarily lower speed limit because of construction work being carried out.


AT's Manager for Walking, Cycling and Road Safety, Kathryn King, says, “It is the right of everyone, including children, the elderly and the disabled, to be able to get around their communities on foot and on a bike without risk. Underpinning any decision to alter speed limits is the basic awareness that people are vulnerable and they can make mistakes on the road. While crashes are inevitable, the severity of impact can be tempered by a number of factors, of which a reduction in speed is possibly the most critical for survival.

“We are very encouraged by the consultation we undertook in the area that received very positive feedback from both people living and working in the Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct Harbour and also people just passing through to enjoy this beautiful part of the city. People support keeping each other safe and the reduction in speed, along with the continued education work being done by Auckland Transport and Panuku Development Auckland.

“We also know that lower speeds in any community are good for business through greater visitor numbers and a more vibrant atmosphere.”

Rod Marler, Director Design & Place at Panuku Development Auckland, says, “This is an important component in assisting with the urban transformation of the area which has become increasingly popular with pedestrians, cyclists and people who use the space for recreational purposes. The rejuvenation of the area, and the growing number of people making the waterfront their home, means that a lower speed limit is needed to keep people safe and ensure the ongoing viability of the existing businesses that contribute to the precinct.”

Chair of the Waitemata Local Board, Pippa Coom, says, “Wynyard Quarter has been designed for a slower speed environment as part of long term plans to encourage visitors, workers and residents to use a range of transport options. We’re really pleased to see the implementation of the 30km/h speed zone following positive public feedback and support from the Wynyard Quarter Transport Management Association. A safer speed will enable the growth of a vibrant residential and business community.”

Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency have been working together on a new approach to speed management, to create safer and better environments for people walking, cycling and sharing the road space to keep everyone safe.

All of the streets in the area will be reduced to 30km/h except Hamer Street and Brigham Street which will remain at 50km/h. AT’s longer term plan includes physical changes to these roads to make them more suitable for a lower speed limit and this will be reviewed in the next few years as the area continues to develop.

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