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Auckland Transport

SuperGold switches to AT HOP card today

Athop Gold Card 500Seniors using Auckland’s public transport will need to use their AT HOP cards from today but Auckland Transport has requested its operators to show understanding for those customers yet to complete the switch from SuperGold cards.

AT Metro Customer Experience Manager, Peter Paton, says the numbers making the switch ahead of today’s deadline have been excellent.

“We estimated 90,000 SuperGold cardholders are regular users of public transport in Auckland and as of last night, we had a total of 75,719 AT HOP cards with SuperGold concessions loaded,” he says.

Mr Paton says there are still approximately 17,000 AT HOP cards in the process of having their SuperGold concessions loaded, which will increase the overall uptake further.

“We acknowledge it has been a big change for some people and we want to thank Auckland’s senior citizens for responding quickly and positively to our campaign and making the switch.

“We are working with our operators and asking them to use common sense and show a little understanding over the coming days to allow people to complete the process and accommodate any last-minute switches.”

Mr Paton says seniors will continue to enjoy the same benefits as they have in the lead up to the switch, which make public transport a popular option for the city’s SuperGold cardholders.

“As of this week approximately 75% of SuperGold public transport trips are being taken using an AT HOP card loaded with the SuperGold concession. This represents a 25% increase over the past 12 weeks.”

Following a 2015 Ministry of Transport review of the SuperGold card public transport scheme, SuperGold cardholders are required to use smartcards as smartcard technology, such as the AT HOP card in Auckland, become available.

The AT HOP card costs $10 and a $5 credit must be loaded onto the card at the same time – for a total one-off cost of $15. The $10 card cost is non-refundable.

Terms of use and registered prospectus for the AT HOP cards are available here. Obligations of Auckland Transport under the AT HOP cards are unsecured.