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Tamaki Drive walking, cycling, and safety projects take shape

Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency are asking for feedback on a preferred route for the next stage of the Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path, which is designed to improve links to local communities and public transport for the eastern suburbs.

The preferred route for section 4 starts at Orakei Basin near Orakei Bay Village and follows the eastern edge of Hobson Bay, joining Ngapipi Road just south of the boat sheds.

A safe connection to the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route is provided at the Ngapipi Road intersection, which is having traffic lights installed.

Orakei Local Boar Chair Colin Davies says, “Section 4 of the shared path is another important link in the walking and cycling network. This route provides those using it with an attractive setting and a safe link to Tamaki Drive at the Tamaki Drive/Ngapipi Road intersection. The consultation period is a good opportunity for people to give feedback on the route and design of the section.”

During the consultation, AT will also be asking for feedback about a proposal to widen Ngapipi bridge (on Tamaki Drive). This involves installing 2.5m wide ‘clip ons’ on both sides of the bridge to provide new footpaths, and converting the existing footpaths into cycleways.  The existing footpath on the northern (sea) side of the bridge would become a separated two-way cycleway, while the southern side would become a one-way cycling route.

Public feedback has been used to revise the design for the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route and during this period, AT will be presenting the updated plans. The entire route now runs along the northern (sea) side of Tamaki Drive. Between Solent Street and Ngapipi Road there will be an on-road, separated, bi-directional cycleway, including across what will be a widened Ngapipi Bridge. Construction is set to get underway in the middle of next year.

Auckland Transport’s Manager for Walking, Cycling and Road Safety Kathryn King says, “This is an exciting time to be travelling to, from, and around the city from the east. AT and the NZ Transport Agency have recognised that there is a lot of potential and demand for good walking and cycling routes in and around this area. The close proximity to town means that good routes will be well used and will help to take the pressure off the road network.”

The Transport Agency’s System Design Manager, Brett Gliddon, says this is a great opportunity for the community and those who’ll use the path to give their thoughts on the preferred option.

“This route is a key piece in Auckland’s wider walking and cycling network and getting more people on their bikes will make for more predictable journeys for all travellers as well as connect people with a greater range of employment, education and social opportunities.”

Bike Auckland Chair Barb Cuthbert welcomes the consultation, “We're keen to see this stage underway as another step to transform cycling in this part of Auckland. It's a brilliant project that will resonate and add to our international cycling reputation.”

AT is also looking at ways to address flooding at low spots on Tamaki Drive, in the vicinity of the Outboard Boating Club. The investigation includes raising the road up to half a metre and adding a curve to the edge of the seawall to help deflect waves from breaking onto the footpath and road.

It is intended that these measures will be done when the Tamaki Drive Cycle Route is constructed meaning the design, resource consenting, and then construction of both projects can be done at the same time.

Feedback on our plans can be provided online or on the phone by calling (09) 355 3553. The project team will be at these locations with brochures and feedback forms and to provide more details:

  • Wednesday 20 September, 7am to 10am at Lilliputt Mini Golf car park, 3 Tamaki Drive, Parnell.
  • Saturday 23 September, 8am to 11am, Orakei Bay Village, 228 Orakei Road, Remuera.

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