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Auckland Transport

Work starting on Tamaki Drive–Ngapipi Road intersection improvements

Safety improvement work at one of Auckland’s highest risk intersections will begin in late August.

The intersection of Tamaki Drive and Ngapipi Road will have traffic signals installed with improved pedestrian crossings, new cycle lanes and reconfigured traffic lanes, to make it safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Auckland Transport’s Group Manager Major Capital, David Nelson says, “Traffic signals are the appropriate solution in this particular location and are central to making the intersection safer.

“The improvements will increase the visibility and safety of cyclists and pedestrians as they navigate the intersection. The traffic signals will maintain traffic flow and allow drivers to turn safely.

“This is a key project that will also add to the functionality and recreational use of this popular scenic route. It paves the way for future projects and development in this area.”

Colin Davis, Chairman of the Orakei Local Board, says, "The Tamaki Drive Masterplan has identified improvements of this intersection as a priority project particularly to address safety issues. Tamaki Dr is a significant transport and commuter route for growing numbers of local residents, and for visitors to the popular leisure and recreational attractions of the waterfront.

“AT has chosen traffic signals as the best solution to improve safety for motorists and cyclists using this intersection, which could become even busier with the completion of the Tamaki Drive-Glen Innes shared cycle and pedestrian path.”

Construction will start in late August and, weather permitting, will be completed in a year. 

During construction, all existing traffic movements at the intersection will be maintained for peak traffic. A safe footpath will also be maintained for pedestrians and cyclists to use at all times.

The project has been through a full design development process, which included extensive community consultation and independent road safety audits. A publicly notified consent process led to a hearing by independent commissioners in December 2016, with resource consent granted in January 2017.

Design features include:

  • Installing traffic signals with pedestrian crossings.
  • Adding a second left-turn lane on Ngapipi Road.
  • Adding a second lane on the westbound approach of Tamaki Drive.
  • Extending the seawall on Tamaki Drive and Ngapipi Road to provide for the additional lanes and cyclist and pedestrian safety.
  • Upgrading the shared path and creating separate cycle lanes.

Key facts

  • Tamaki-Ngapipi is ranked number 10 on the national top-100 list of high crash-risk intersections.
  • More than 30,000 people travel through this intersection daily.
  • 21 crashes have been recorded at the intersection in the past 5 years, with 13 resulting in injury.
  • Analysis of the causes of these crashes indicates that redesigning the intersection to better regulate vehicle movement will improve safety and amenity for all users.

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