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Transport funding agreements policy Transport funding agreements policy

The Transport Funding Agreements Policy has been developed so that AT has a consistent approach to assessing requests to part fund, bring forward or introduce new projects in the Long Term Plan (LTP) or Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP).

The policy was adopted by the Auckland Transport (AT) Board on the 28 April 2015.

It is noted that the Council has recently approved funds within the LTP to allow funding agreements to occur for infrastructure related to Special Housing Areas (SHAs) or other residential growth areas. Accordingly, any residential developments should apply for funding under the Local Residential Growth Fund. The TFA Policy will continue to apply to all other business related development.

The Policy sets out the following process that will be followed by AT in considering any request to part fund, bring forward funding of a project or to introduce a new project into the LTP/RLTP:

Where a project is completely new, other than needing to achieve a high or medium strategic fit, it will also need to meet one or more of the priority criteria noted at Attachment 2 of the policy. In order of priority these include:

  •  The project is an existing commitment.
  •  The project would allow AT to meet minimum spending targets for particular programmes (e.g. safety).
  •  The project will unlock the benefits of a larger planned investment (e.g. western ring route).
  •  There is a risk of project cost escalation, such as losing the ability to route protect.
  •  The project attracts targeted funding (e.g. third party contributions).
  •  The project has a very high BCR.

Developers wishing to discuss funding of a particular project/(s) should approach the Strategy and Planning division of AT in the first instance.


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