How road works may impact you How road works may impact you

When we are working on and around our roads and footpaths it may impact you - we will do our best to minimise disruption, noise and dust.

The areas where we are working can be dangerous. Your safety is important to us, so stay safe when you’re walking in the area. Please follow the signs and don’t get any closer than you have to. 

Traffic flow in and out of the area

We will handle traffic in and around road works by reducing speed limits, and using partial lane closures or full road closures.

Reduced speed limit

You will need to reduce your speed when you’re driving through the area. Please follow all signs, light signals and traffic directions.

Partial lane closure (stop/go)

We may need to use a mix of temporary traffic signs (like stop/go signs) and traffic lights, and a lower speed limit. We do this to keep traffic moving, and keep people who use the roads and footpaths safe. Traffic controllers will help to manage vehicle access. Please follow all signs, light signals and traffic directions.

Full road closure

We may need to close a road and set up detours. Please plan ahead and think about using another route if a road is closed. We’ll set up signs that give traffic directions for surrounding roads. If you live somewhere along a closed road, traffic controllers at either end of the road will help you. Please follow all signs, light signals and traffic directions.

On-street parking may be limited while we work

We may need to limit on-street parking, so you may not be able to park in your favourite parking space. If we need to limit parking you will need to either park on your property or on a side road and walk to your property. You may not be able to drive onto your property or park outside it for a few days - we will let you know if this is going to happen.

Before we start working, we will set up traffic control measures like ‘no parking’ signs so you know about access. We may have to move a vehicle that is parked in the work area when we need to start work. We will make every effort to find the vehicle’s owner first. If we do move a vehicle, we will tow it to a safe parking place as near as possible to the work area.

Parking will get back to normal once we have completed the work and removed any machinery, traffic signs and traffic lights.

Work in front of driveways

You may not be able to drive onto or out of your property when we’re doing work in front of driveways. We will do our best to get any work in front of driveways done as quickly as possible, and keep this work to a minimum.

Please take extra care when you drive onto or out of properties. Other road users may not notice changes in road conditions and visibility. Follow the signs and directions of our traffic controllers. If you need help, just ask someone working onsite.

Bus stops may move during road works

Sometimes we have to move a bus stop. If we do, you will find a sign at your regular stop that tells you where the stop has moved to. You can also ask a traffic controller for directions.

Walking areas and footpaths

We understand that people need to go into and out of an area while we are working. If we can’t keep footpaths open, we will set up walking areas such as covered walkways or routes marked out by ropes or cones. Please take care when walking near road works, and follow all signs and directions.

Road works noise

We know our work can be a bit loud, and that noise - particularly at night - can be disrupting. We will do our best to keep noise levels down. And we will only carry out night work when absolutely necessary, such as when we need to get the work done quickly.

Dust levels

Our work can be dusty, particularly when we are rebuilding or repairing something. We know that dust can go beyond being a nuisance and affect health. We will try to keep dust levels as low as we can, for example, we may reduce dust by using water trucks to wet the dust.

Questions or concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, get in contact with us or our contractor. We, or our contractor, will try to get back to you on the day you contact us.