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Auckland Transport

Auckland Regional Public Transport Plan

The Regional Public Transport Plan describes the public transport services that Auckland Transport proposes for the region over the next 10 years. It also outlines what has been developed to deliver this vision for Auckland’s public transport network.

The RPTP process to date

  • In October 2012 Auckland Transport called for Aucklanders to have their say on the future of public transport in our city.
  • A total of 719 submissions were received on the draft Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP). Copies of these are available online.
  • We completed public hearings on the draft RPTP in early February 2013. For further information on the public hearings, including minutes please refer to the table below.
  • After considering all the submissions received, the Hearing Panel presented a report (PDF 609 KB) to the Auckland Transport Board recommending changes to the draft RPTP.
  • In March 2013 the Board endorsed the changes to the draft RPTP recommended by the Hearing Panel. This enabled Auckland Transport to proceed with detailed local consultation on the proposed new public transport network for Auckland, a key element of the Plan.

The final RPTP was formally adopted by Auckland Transport on 23 September 2013. 

Consultation on the New  Network

Frequent Service Map SmlPart of the Regional Public Transport Plan is a proposed new public transport network for Auckland (New Network).

Local consultation and implimentation of the proposed New Network is scheduled as follows.

South Auckland

Consultation:  Completed

Implementation: Early-mid 2015

North, Central, East and West Auckland

Consultation: 2014 - 2015

Implementation: 2015 - 2016

If you would like further information on the proposed New Network Consultations, please visit our consultation webpage.

About the RPTP

Auckland needs first-rate transport infrastructure and services to remain internationally competitive.

Improving public transport is a critical component of overall plans to lift the performance of Auckland’s transport system, improve quality of life for the city’s growing population, and building Auckland’s economic competitiveness.

The RPTP describes the public transport services and initiatives that Auckland Transport proposes for the region over the next 10 years and how these will be delivered.

Frequent Network (PDF 2 MB)

All Day Network (PDF 2 MB)


The objectives, policies and actions of the RPTP are discussed in more detail in Chapter 6 of the document. The objectives are also outlined below:

  • Network structure: A permanent network of connected frequent services that supports Auckland’s future growth
  • Integrated service network: Simple integrated services that connect people with where they want to go
  • Infrastructure: A high standard of public transport infrastructure that supports service provision and enhances customer experience
  • Service quality: A convenient and reliable public transport system using modern vehicles
  • Fares and ticketing: A fares and ticketing system that attracts and retains customers, while balancing user contributions against public funding
  • Customer interface: Simple, visible, and intuitive customer information and service
  • Assist the transport disadvantaged: Improved access for communities and groups whose needs are not met by the regular public transport system
  • Procurement and exempt services: A procurement system that supports the efficient delivery of public transport services
  • Funding and prioritisation: Effective and efficient allocation of public transport funding

RPTP Documents

The Regional Public Transport Plan

The adopted RPTP (PDF 4 MB)

Read an accessible version of the RPTP (PDF 2.04MB)

Read an accessible version of the RPTP in HTML



Hearings Panel Report​ - submitted to AT board after public hearings

Hearings Panel report on RPTP Consultation (PDF 609 KB)

Minutes of the RPTP Hearings

See RPTP Consultation

Further questions

If you need further information, please phone us on (09) 366 6400