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Operating a dockless bike share service in Auckland

How dockless bike share works

Dockless bike share schemes offer rental bicycles that can be picked up and parked around the city. These services differ from traditional bike-sharing schemes where bikes are docked to fixed locations.   

Users locate and unlock the bikes, and pay for trips using their smartphones. Bikes are rented per trip, typically used for short trips, and are tracked via GPS.

When riders are done, they can park the bikes, preferably beside cycle racks or in public spaces in a safe manner.

The schemes are privately owned and operated, and operators must ensure that bikes are safe and not a nuisance to pedestrians or other members of the public, especially vulnerable users such as children, older people, and those with accessibility issues.

We want to ensure members of the public are able to use and enjoy our city’s roads and walkways.

Each bike share company is required to provide contact details on their bikes so users and members of the public can contact them about any issues.

Setting up a dockless bike share service

If you want to set up a dockless bike share service, you must apply for a mobile trading licence from Auckland Council before you launch.

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport (AT) will determine how many operators and numbers of bikes are appropriate.

The trading licence will help the council and AT ensure operators provide a safe service, and that dockless bikes are not causing a nuisance in public places.

The licence includes a code of practice, developed by AT, to ensure that any service is safe and compliant.

Read the dockless cycle share code of practice (PDF 126KB, 11 pages)

Apply for a mobile trading licence on the Auckland Council's website

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