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Drug and alcohol policy



The purpose of this policy is to describe the requirements for identifying and managing the hazards arising from employees, contractors, and/or consultants under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the workplace.  It will also ensure Auckland Transport:

  • Identifies the substances that are prohibited at work.
  • Establishes the process for drug and alcohol testing that encompasses pre-employment testing, post-incident testing and reasonable-cause testing.
  • Establishes the process for voluntary or compulsory rehabilitation assistance.
  • Establishes the consequences where a positive result is returned and/or there has otherwise been a breach of this Policy.


The policy provides a framework that enables instances of substance use or misuse to be handled in an appropriate, fair, and consistent manner.

This policy applies to all employees (including employees working for and on behalf of Auckland Transport in any capacity and whether or not they are located on Auckland Transport property) and to all suppliers (operators, contractors, and consultants) associated with Auckland Transport’s activities; and covers the misuse of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, or any other substance where such use or misuse creates a potential or actual risk to the health and safety of the individual, their colleagues, or the general public.

For clarity and simplicity, where the word "employee" is used in this Policy and the associated Process this will relate to Auckland Transport employees and suppliers with the express exclusion of those provisions relating to disciplinary action and rehabilitation which shall relate to Auckland Transport employees only.

It has been completed to align with Auckland Transport’s health and safety framework.

Policy statement

Auckland Transport is committed to providing an environment where employees and suppliers can perform their duties in a safe, productive and healthy manner.

The purpose of the standards and processes set out in this policy and associated process are to maintain a safe and healthy workplace free from the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol.

To achieve this purpose, Auckland Transport strictly prohibits:

  • The possession, consumption, sale, or transfer, of drugs and/or alcohol while on any Auckland Transport worksite (excluding alcohol at controlled functions with the prior approval of an executive manager or the possession and taking of medicines prescribed by a registered medical practitioner);
  • Reporting to work under the influence of drugs, alcohol (of greater than 100 micrograms per litre of breath), any other substance of abuse, or prescription medication that impacts performance, judgement, or behaviour;
  • Driving/operating a work vehicle having consumed any alcohol (of greater than 100 micrograms per litre of breath);
  • Compromising or attempting to compromise the integrity of any specimen taken under this Policy and the associated Process.


  1. We are all responsible for keeping ourselves and our colleagues healthy and our workplace safe.
  2. We must report to work, and remain throughout the working day, in a fit and safe condition to undertake our duties and must not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other substance that could affect the ability to work in a satisfactory and safe manner.
  3. The possession, consumption, trade, sale, or storage of drugs or drug paraphernalia in the workplace will not be tolerated.
  4. Even with the best of motives, we should not knowingly ‘cover up’ for or collude with a colleague with a drug or alcohol problem but instead should encourage the individual to seek help.
  5. Our contractors and consultants will be encouraged to develop and implement drug and alcohol policies that are, at a minimum, consistent with this Policy and its associated Process.
  6. Education material, which supports the Policy, should be available to all staff along with appropriate training for Managers.
  7. Alcohol and other drug dependencies are a health problem that requires special treatment and help rather than being soley a disciplinary matter.


The definitions set out in the H&S Definitions (STA-HS06-DEF) and section 13 of the Drug and alcohol policy procedure (PRO-HS16-DRU) shall apply.

Roles and responsibilities

All employees,  representatives, suppliers, and consultants

All employees, contractors, and consultants are to be familiar with, ensure compliance with, and report any breaches of this Policy and associated Process.  Ignorance of Auckland Transport’s policies and processes is not an acceptable excuse if a breach occurs.

Employees who believe they may have a drug or alcohol problem are required to be pro-active in advising management and seeking assistance. Auckland Transport will support any employee with a drug or alcohol problem that voluntarily seeks help and will encourage our business partners to do the same.

All managers

All managers are responsible for ensuring that the staff they are responsible for understand the Policy, any associated procedures, the support available, and the consequences arising from the misuse of alcohol and drugs and/or a breach of this Policy.

Policy owner/s
Health and Safety manager

Development systems to support the Policy and Process.

Monitoring and updating of this Policy and the associated Process.

Auckland Transport reserves the right to review, amend or add to this policy at any time upon reasonable notice to employees and representatives. 

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